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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Colby Searcy, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. Colby Searcy

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    Just finished rewatching the entire run through the movie for the 3rd time about to reread the books as well.

    Let's talk about one of the greatest, cancelled way too soon shows of all time.

    Favorite season? Episodes? Characters? Cameos?
  2. Colby Searcy

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    Looks like a revival is happening "sometime" just not sure when. Either way, I'll take it!

    I'm fine with this thread just being me taking to myself about VM
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  5. Colby Searcy

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    Hey confirmation that more is coming is fine by me!
  6. kbeef2

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    Apparently they want to do a six episode miniseries
  7. jjnunn118

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    Wish it was a 60 episode miniseries
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  8. Colby Searcy

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    Grandma Mars is on the case
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  9. Jason Tate @jason_tate @encorepodcast Staff Member

    Great show, great movie, and I even enjoyed the two books!

    My V Mars sticker is one of the few stickers I actually have on anything.
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  10. Colby Searcy

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    Thanks for reminding me I need to finish Book 2.
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  11. Serh

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    Been getting facebook ads saying the entire series and movie is free to watch on go90
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  12. stayillogical

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    Favorite show ever.
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  13. thedrudo

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    Is go90 commercial free? I've started re-watching Fringe on there and there are never any ads. It's super weird.
  14. danielalee12


    just downloaded the app on my ipad and am starting season 1 episode 1 right meow.
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  15. Colby Searcy

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    Never watched?
  16. danielalee12


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  17. Colby Searcy

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    Haha same just checking!

    Have you read the books?

    I still need to finish Book #2
  18. danielalee12


    Haven't gotten around to the books yet. How are they?
  19. Colby Searcy

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    The first one I thoroughly enjoyed and the 50 pages I read of Book 2 were good from what I remember. It's definitely a continuation of the movie but still standalone at the same time. The writing is adequate enough, especially if you're a big fan.

    I know @Jason Tate enjoyed both if that means anything.

    I like that they brought in characters from the show and gave them some new stories and such.
  20. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  21. Colby Searcy

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    Next year would be nice. Wonder what network would pick it up?
  22. Jason Tate @jason_tate @encorepodcast Staff Member

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  23. Heartofzinc


  24. Jason Tate @jason_tate @encorepodcast Staff Member

    Movie was great wtf
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  25. Heartofzinc


    Sorry, just didn’t enjoy it as much as the series!
  26. Jason Tate @jason_tate @encorepodcast Staff Member

    I liked it as much as S3. Some great stuff.
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