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Vent Your Frustrations • Page 96

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by omgrawr, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. personalmaps

    citrus & cinnamon Supporter

    I’ve been stewing all morning because my future father in law decided to send an email to my fiancé’s rich aunt and uncle about how Ben needs their “help” repairing his credit score because of his “massive credit card debt” which is 1) deeply inappropriate and fucked up to do without consulting us and 2) a total conflation of inaccurate facts. I am the one with credit card debt. We share the burden of it the same way we share the rest of our finances. Ben was showing him a spreadsheet he had put together to create a “debt free in x years” plan and he clearly didn’t pay attention to a single thing that was said.

    I am absolutely furious because it paints an incorrect picture of Ben- he has worked so hard to turn himself into a better person over the past 5 years and they continue to view him as a messy idiot. I’m also mad because it puts me in a position to have to reveal/explain things about my life and financial situation that they do not need to know. Like Ben and I have figured this out and have a plan, we work super hard. Why can’t people mind their own goddamn business.
  2. supernovagirl

    Poetic and noble land mermaid

    I don’t want to be this emo and pathetic anywhere else but it really sucks to have to do homework when you can’t focus because you’re so hungry but you don’t have food or money so you’re just like cool cool cool
  3. RyanPm40

    The Torment of Existence Supporter

    Just learned that my job is now going to require us to work 40 hour work weeks instead of 37.5 (because that used to account for 30 minute lunch breaks to total 40 hours in the office), so an extra half hour a day with no raise.

    Also I guess because it's a leap year, we have 27 pay periods in 2020 instead of 26, so we'll have lower pay checks since salary will be divided by 27 now. Bummer.
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  4. St. Nate

    We were just talkin' bout the Jesus. Prestigious

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  5. RyanPm40

    The Torment of Existence Supporter

    Yeahh of course the lower paycheck happens right when my rent and internet goes up and I need to buy a new car this year after my mechanic very graciously gave me an inspection sticker despite finding a lot of very expensive issues that technically should've failed me lol.

    It is what it is though, salary typically is a fixed rate regardless of pay periods and hours worked. Just not the happiest news to hear in a stressful point in my life heh
  6. Ken

    I'll be back before you know I'm gone Prestigious

    Sometimes my lack of self-confidence is completely exhausting. What's frustrating is that I know I should be confident, but deep down I'm thinking I really don't know that. Bleh.
  7. ReginaPhilange

    FKA Jacob Prestigious

    My girlfriend’s mom is one of the worst people I’ve ever met. I mean truly a waste of a human being.
  8. elwayinthe4th

    People who acknowledge they have toxic mental health issues and then don't attempt to work on them are the worst.
  9. 100% over folks asking me to help them book (or, in one recent and shitty case, write about) the band I'm no longer in. Like, I'm on relatively good terms with most of them, but I'm no longer in it for a reason. And it played a huge role in my breakdown last Spring. On top of it, I have a new band and am making new music, so why not ask me about that, instead? Just frustrating and discouraging.

    Sorry for posting itt without any prior engagement, I just don't know where else to take this because I don't want to hurt anyone else's feelings.
  10. ReginaPhilange

    FKA Jacob Prestigious


    is this an ok review to send to your female workers to tell them to improve their customer service? I posted in another thread about it but want honest feedback, seems like some bullshit to me.
  11. ReginaPhilange

    FKA Jacob Prestigious

    i'm not mad at the review cuz assholes always leave reviews, I'm mad it was sent from a supervisor to the girls as a "do better" message.
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  12. Sounds like a shitty review that should've been immediately and completely dismissed by everyone, including the supervisor.
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  13. ReginaPhilange

    FKA Jacob Prestigious

    right? a good supervisor wouldn't send that out to his employees. seems weird to me that that's the one he chooses to focus on.
  14. ReginaPhilange

    FKA Jacob Prestigious

    no more RBF y'all.

    aka change how your face looks it upsets me when I'm buying my food.
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  15. Kiana

    Goddamn, man child Prestigious

    This is the third time my landlord has deposited my rent check but tried to give me a 72 hour evacuation notice if I don't pay my rent. My friend has been asking me to move in with her and it's like a sign
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  16. elwayinthe4th

    Fuck people who don't value me or my time. I'm done putting up with everyone's bullshit.
  17. personalmaps

    citrus & cinnamon Supporter

    My primary job keeps trying to push me to work on west coast business hours because of client requests and it’s like fuck you I live in Michigan and work a second job because y’all don’t pay me enough, I’m not working a terrible shift because you won’t hire someone in our west coast offices for this.
  18. personalmaps

    citrus & cinnamon Supporter

    You’ll never guess what I got an email abt this morning.

    anyone else who cries every time they’re mad have any tips on how to argue this with my boss without looking like a crybaby idiot?
  19. K0ta

    wrap yourself in petals for armor.

    I cry when I'm mad and it's super frustrating, especially as a woman because it's so easy to be dismissed as "hysterical." That's when I take a break and go to the bathroom or my car if possible and just take a few minutes to compose myself. Because I've said things in anger at work and even if my point is still valid, it's unfortunately diminished by my attitude in the delivery.

    Don't respond until you feel like you've cleared your head a bit and can throw together an email that outlines your frustrations with the current situation and if possible provide a solution that doesn't involve you having to change your hours. Do they know about your second job?
  20. You might just have to be like "I'm probably going to cry, but just know these are rage tears."
  21. leading up to Christmas we're supposed to have events every Friday for the support staff at the firm I work at. a couple of them had to be postponed/rescheduled because of how busy everyone is, especially the property paralegals. one thing that had to be postponed was all the staff going out for lunch on a Friday, which is what the lawyers do most Fridays, while the lawyers have to stay behind and work/man the reception desk. that didn't happen because the Friday it was scheduled for there were like 18+ closings so property was fucked.
    anyway today is what the lawyers call "Hotel California" where they go out for lunch but don't come back to the office and spend all afternoon drinking. like how are we too busy for the assistants to have one measly meal but the lawyers can do this? such a piss off.
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  22. personalmaps

    citrus & cinnamon Supporter

    thank you both- I ended up making an initial list of angry talking points and then tossed it and made a more professional one. We met and I did end up crying once, but I told my boss I’m just so burned out and feel like we aren’t being set up for success and having my flexible schedule taken away feels like a punishment when I did nothing wrong.

    She agreed that they need to hire a west coast person and we ended up shifting my schedule only an hour later. I did have to tell her abt my second job but she was cool about it and I told her I could do the new schedule 3 days a week until they find a real west coast person.
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  23. Jams


    I’ve been in my new apartment for over a week and cannot for the life of me find my mailbox. I called my landlord and she told me my building doesn’t have mailboxes and our boxes are located at another apartment building. She couldn’t remember the name of the apartment complex but told me the road. Too bad there is no apartment complex on that road. I’ve tried calling again but can’t get her to return my calls. I’m in a very small apartment building and only have a few neighbors. I haven’t seen any of them to ask them and none of them answer when I try knocking on their doors. I’m getting extremely frustrated bc I have important documents coming to me and I really need them. It shouldn’t take this long to figure out something so simple!! And she really should have told me all this when I signed the lease...
  24. ReginaPhilange Feb 16, 2020
    (Last edited: Feb 16, 2020)

    FKA Jacob Prestigious

    went to my friend's BD party last night. he ended up having to take care of his friend that was probably doped out and on xanax. fuck heroin. I've never seen someone so gone like that. the guy was literally trying to eat imaginary food off the ground, hallucinating. told my friend to tell him to fuck off, don't want to be around that at all.

    the dumbest drug. so fucking stupid. tired of seeing good people lose themselves to that shit.
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  25. Driving2theBusStation


    jesus, how much xan was that dude on!?