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  1. personalmaps

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    I fully realize the irony of posting this, but I wish my adult friends would talk to each other instead of subtweeting each other.
  2. elwayinthe4th

    today i low key called out a friend of mine for being such a flakey person and she basically said she knows she's a flake, she doesn't feel bad about it, and she's gonna keep doing it. which is really cool to know because she's bailed on me A LOT and it's like oh you don't feel bad about wasting my time and being inconsiderate? fucking cool. it's really frustrating but at the same time kind of nice because i feel like i can write her off altogether now.
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  3. Carmen SD


    I have a friend kinda like that. Never called it out tho but wanted to several times. Mostly I just dont ask her to hangout anymore.
  4. CobraKidJon

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    my parents always judging me for my life choices is always fun.
  5. my boss is driving me craaaaazzzzzzzzzyyyyyyy
  6. Jams


    Looove to watch all my coworkers get a bonus but not me. Feels soooo great!!!! Like they beg people to help on their days off to work for this one client and offer a bonus if you do, but when I try they instead send me work from another (more difficult) client and won't give me any kind of bonus for it. When I ask them why and how is that fair to me they say "well that client is important too and only a handful of people are allowed to work for them and you're one of them" Ok well if you aren't going to give me the same bonus as EVERYONE ELSE is getting then you can shove it up your ass and I'm not working on my day off. How about that? :redanger:
  7. Jacob

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    my girlfriend's school peer commented on my weight saying I'm too skinny, "doesnt't she feed me? "I'm so fucking mad and hurt at that. Ive been so insecure about that in the past and that fucking hurt i feel like shit.
  8. Jacob

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    I'm very vindictive but I don't want to be a hypocrite fucking jerk.
  9. Jacob

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    Next time I see her in my gf's class I'm flipping her off and if she gets mad I'm telling the whole class why.
  10. Sasidhar Vankina


    I keep watching videos of Frank Ocean performing live but tbh idk if I'm gonna ever see that for myself cause this man never performs rip. Liking the new music tho!
  11. Carmen SD


    I don't know what thread or forum to post this in. But has anyone filed an anonymous complaint to OSHA with a current or former employer? Specifically in the state of California. Since day one I saw several infection control breaches/OSHA violations between the two locations I was at. I've been trying to research the proper way to report or where to report (state board?, OSHA?). If so I'd be glad to dm to chat on the details, as I don't really want to post the details of these breaches. According to the OSHA website workplaces need to display a poster, and to my knowledge, I didn't see one or wasn't even shown it. From my understanding they're suppose to show you that on the first day.
  12. marsupial jones

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    easiest i've encountered has been to call the 800 OSHA number listed on the website (either under a state listing or somewhere else). usually they ask some basic questions to clarify the issue and the location and if / when you worked there and / or saw the complaint or issue going on. depending on the level of severity it takes between 5-20 minutes.

    this is in Wisconsin and North Carolina, but don't imagine it changes drastically from state to state.
  13. Yesterday I woke up at 4:45 and couldn’t get back to sleep
    Today it was 4:03 and when I finally felt myself falling back asleep I heard my roommate get up to shower. I’m so goddamn tired
  14. elwayinthe4th

    i fucking hate everything.

    i paid all this money to start a website and i bought a theme and all this shit because my college doesn't have a goddamn student run newspaper. so i set up an account for a wordpress site and bought all this shit, registered a company, and took the time to create an internship program so that students could join in and write whatever they want and receive credit for it.

    no one applied.

    so now i'm trying to repurpose the website for my podcast, only to find out that something with the theme i bought is jacked up so i literally cannot edit anything on the homepage. i am beyond furious.
  15. supernovagirl

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    How did you advertise it? I feel like that HAS to be just a matter of word not getting out, not that no one wants to apply!!

    don’t have any advice for the theme situation though. If you bought it though you should be able to contact support wherever you bought it and if that doesn’t work dispute that shit with your bank bc it’s useless to you and did not come as advertised
  16. elwayinthe4th

    The intern information was sent to the internship coordinator, who posted it on the school website. It was also sent to at least two department heads, I have emailed it to a composition teacher and a communications teacher. I also told multiple students about it who said they were interested and ultimately didn't apply. Admittedly I should have made flyers but I thought the instructors would generate at least one applicant, and they didn't.

    I finally got my website to work at 3 am. I'm so exhausted.
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  17. Kiana

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    There's a hole in my milkshake cup

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  18. supernovagirl

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    I feel like journalism students would be all over that? Or creative writing?
    I never check my school website or anything but the comm dept sends announcements about internships and that’s how I learned of all the ones I applied for. Did they do that?
  19. elwayinthe4th

    I'm not sure, the internship coordinator just told me she would be sending the information to the communications, business, and marketing department heads. It's also posted on the website along with a bunch of other internship opportunities.

    I think the students here just have no interest in writing, regardless of what the topic/capacity is. A 2000 level writing class I signed up for was cancelled before the semester because I was the only one to register. There's no student run paper. I was a tutor for freshman composition and no one came to my sessions. I've noticed most of the standout students here are involved in STEM programs. It's quite frustrating and disappointing.
  20. supernovagirl

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    Wow. That’s really crazy. Do you go to a small school? Is there even a journalism department?!
  21. elwayinthe4th

    It's the largest community college in the state. 9500 students. There is no journalism department, the closest thing is communications.
  22. supernovagirl

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    Hmmm true. Idk that’s still weird!! I’m sorry
  23. elwayinthe4th

    I'm sick of being a piece of shit all the time
  24. PatRFinley

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    Woke up in the kind of mood where everything I’ve been dealing with is just suddenly today is too much and I can’t deal with anything or anyone with out getting over emotional, so this should be a great day
  25. PatRFinley

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    And all I wanna do is listen to a stupid podcast about Pokémon to cheer myself up at work but no a stupid iOS bug won’t let me pair my AirPods correctly... I love it!