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  1. FrenzalRob

    Melbourne, Australia

    I called in sick Monday with a sore tooth and had to go to the dentist. It was really painful, and when I called my boss (who I get along with really well) she was cool about it, and even agreed to accompany me to the dentist to check that I was alright. I thought it was unneccessary, but sure, why not? She came along, and the dentist found an issue that needed antibiotics and advised this to me, and my boss, IN PERSON.

    He didn't provide a medical certificate because I forgot to ask, but I didn't think it was that big of a deal because my boss was with me throughout the entire appointment.

    I got back to work and my boss (WHO WAS FUCKING THERE) said I wasn't entitled to sick leave pay because I didn't have medical certificate and there's no proof I was unfit for work.

    I'm fucking fuming.
  2. it's starting to get cold but I'm sooooooooo broke so I think I'm just gonna keep my apartment at 60 and wear many layers at all times. if my roommate turns the heat up fine but I'm keeping my room low and turning things down any chance I get.
    I love being poor.
  3. Carmen SD


    I can’t stand flaky people! Asked my friend if she’s still willing to help me with something and she said yes, but then said she can only do certain days and times. In the beginning I told her that only certain days work and what days they were and she said nothing about it being an issue. Then said her roommate will help, never got back to me so i had to follow up, then said he doesn’t have transportation. Like why say he can help if he really can’t? This friend always does this bs!