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  1. Jacob

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    That was me. I don’t think she’s actively using me but it’s come to a point where I’ve had enough honest conversations about financials. Getting a job is hard but it’s been three months and she quit her last one and I’ve been buying all her food and letting her use my car for school. I’ve gone from skipping meals in college and fucking Starving and now That I make money I feel like I’m being drained, idgaf about money but like I never want to go back to that I’m trying to secure myself. /rant sorry
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  2. supernovagirl

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    No it’s totally understandable, don’t apologize. It’s definitely tough because I’ve been on both sides of the coin (provider and “free loader”) so I know how each situation is unique.
    But I hope you’re able to reach an understanding or able to set the boundaries you need to set in order to live your best life!!
  3. Jacob

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    And to be frank I barely make enough to be independent and then I get shit from her family for not supporting her which I fucking do to my complete ability I love her so it’s fuckinv infuriating to hear that from them . Her mom doesn’t even buy her food so I have been for a year this shit is wrong I’m trying to get my life together
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  4. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    is she like sorry my family are lame or does she excuse them, just curious but yeah he seems like a dick
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  5. Jacob

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    It’s not her fault at all, last time her brother bought her food, which he said he would, I got cussed out for being cheap. I’m trying to help her get through school but her family is making this so hard on me.
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  6. bradsonemanband

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    I do tech support and one of my co-workers said "gotcha" on the phone 121 times yesterday (I tallied them up) within 8 hours on maaaaybe 15 calls, none of which lasted more than 15 minutes.

    Like... dude!!?!

    He's already at 40 "gotchas" today and he's been here for 4 hours.
  7. I used to have this professor who always said "right?" every time he explained something so I started keeping track and he would get up to 200 sometimes
  8. bradsonemanband

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    Wow! That would drive me crazy too haha
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  9. Mr. Serotonin

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    that would kinda make it sound like he was never quite sure of himself :crylaugh:
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  10. marsupial jones

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    when you notice how often people say "umm" in their sentences in makes you realize that all you hear is that. and that it is constant.

    "so like UMMMMMM i wanted to talk about the meeting on Friday and UMMMMMMM can we maybe change the UMMMM topic to something UMMMM more focused on ordering issues UMMMMM if that's ok?"
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  11. Kiana

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    When I was a teen I used to have a therapist that would start almost every sentence with "I'm wondering if...." Sometimes I'll go to trainings that encourage that verbage and I just refuse lol. I wanted to punch that counselor when she did it. She never said it in a way that sounded natural and it just got under my skin. I do have words I know I say a lot. "perfect" or "beautiful" instead of okay. I usually say perfect when I'm trying to shake someone off lol. I notice I say it towards the end of convos when I don't know how to end them naturally
  12. marsupial jones

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    I have coworkers that triple-peat words to end sentences.

    Yep yep yep
    Right right right
    Sure sure sure
    Good good good
    Now now now
    Got it got it got it

    It’s usually not annoying but maybe 5-6 people do it and I’m not sure who started it but the rest definitely picked it up from the first because I’ve never encountered anyone doing that anywhere else in my life
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  13. Carmen SD


    I forgot my lunch today so on break I went to jack in the box because it’s down the road. Well they fucked up my shit. I confirmed with the cashier too and I ended up with something I didn’t like because I was given the wrong item. Yeah I’m that person who will do those surveys and say I un satisfied I am
  14. Ashley


    I always get irritated when people wear shirts with dirty collars. I don't even know how they can ignore dirty clothes. Once I was watching my colleague eating turkey at the office and the sauce left a stain on his shirt. He then wore it for 3 days! ugh
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  15. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    Dealing with the public like
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  16. PatRFinley Sep 25, 2019
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    I’ve been interviewing for a new job all month and they told me they’d let me know by today if I have it or not and I still haven’t gotten the phone call and I’m losing my god damned mind!

    I’m fairly confident I’ll get it, but the waiting is giving me so much anxiety

    Edit: Well I didn’t get the job, which sucks. But that’s life I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  17. CobraKidJon

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    i had a co-worker a while back who would always say you feel me at the end of the sentence and I just wanted to be like no I don't feel you.
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  18. Mr. Serotonin

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    Some people say "ya smell me?" at the end of each sentence. Which do you think you'd prefer?
  19. CobraKidJon

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  20. Carmen SD


    I’m trying to budget better and looking at old receipts and I’ve been over charged for items at the store! One time at target I got charged for a bag, I bring my own bags and no this wasn’t a time I forgot one and had to buy one. For the grocery store I was double charged for pre packaged apples and I know I can’t finish two bags and only buy one. So mad rn
  21. I feel more alone than I have ever felt
  22. CobraKidJon

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    I keep getting distracted at work by people and they time our production because capitalism sucks.

    it just sucks because the distractions are leading to time gaps and that gets me in trouble. I generally love my job but I’ve been messing up a bunch more lately.
  23. elwayinthe4th

    You're so obsessed with keeping your head above water that you don't even realize you're standing in solid ground.

    Get it together.
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  24. Jams


    I really feel like I’m cursed and will never have a single decent friend. Love to just constantly get used and then ditched. And then I’m always the “bitch” when I call them out on their awful behavior.
  25. ChaseTx

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    I am the most fucking indecisive person

    I took a new job. Put in a week's notice last Tuesday because the new place wouldn't give me two. The deciding factor in my decision to change jobs is that I wanted to get out of sales and do something more administrative. They actually offered to increase my base pay the day before I left. Well today was my first day at the new place and 1) this job seems challenging, like I have no idea what anything is, 2) it's apparently a much more strict workplace and 3) my insurance premiums are going to more than double, once I'm eligible again. So now after I've day I'm very tempted to go back to the old job, which I'm sure they will let me

    Also I've been seeing someone (non-exclusively) for a little over a month I was feeling good about it, similar interests, having fun etc etc. Then someone I know online starts messaging me regularly and we start flirting and she's great and I'm into it. So now that's a stressful situation again too