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Vent Your Frustrations • Page 85

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by omgrawr, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. justin.


    I have 5 papers due within a week and I am also experiencing the worst cold I’ve had in years. I was too weak to walk to a dining hall yesterday.
  2. Kiana

    Anyway, don't be a stranger Prestigious

    Lmao I hate this. But I will totally redirect someone else's kid IDGAF. But in a nice way so nobody has ever killed me because they don't usually notice I'm doing it #sneaky

    A few weeks ago I was having a lovely classy dinner in this lil Italian hole in the wall called Olive Garden and this kid at the table next to me was blasting music and videos on his phone and I couldn't deal. Give him headphones, put it on mute, or gtfo
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  3. marsupial jones

    pending approval

    People who don’t turn their headlights on when it’s foggy / rainy / bad weather. This morning I almost missed the highway exit because that’s how bad it was with fog and yet I saw hundreds of cars - mostly white and grey because of course - without their headlights on.

    Those fuckers need to be executed.
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  4. K0ta

    Trusted Supporter

    Sometimes my job is literally impossible to do without other people's input because I am the point of contact between the company building our app and my company and when people don't want to get the info I need in a timely manner!!!! I am literally sitting here because these people can't get their shit together. I was promised a "significant raise" after this project was completed or at least far along and all of these people are holding me back + my boss didn't hold up his end of the bargain so he's getting a real sweet deal for my work, which also is hindered by...everyone else!

    Bit dramatic but I'm really unhappy here and need to look for new work but don't even know where to start.
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  5. elwayinthe4th


    I just sat down in the library to read my book for class and now I have to pee. WHY DO I ALWAYS HAVE TO PEE.
  6. K0ta

    Trusted Supporter

    I LOVEEEE that at 4PM on Friday I get an email "asking" me if it's okay that my office is used for training M-TH next week (as if I have a choice). It's just like...have the respect to ask me ahead of time, these training classes aren't set up the Friday before, and it definitely pisses me off to ask it like a question, as if I can be like "actually next week isn't good for me, go put the guys somewhere else." :redanger:
  7. elwayinthe4th


    you should booby trap your office.
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  8. midnightxtaylor

    oh, you went fast to the midnight land

    I very rarely get sick, but when I do, it's bad and I shouldn't be at work. I stayed in bed pretty much the entire weekend, but I figured I'd go to work today and see how I felt and go home early if necessary. Well, my coworker called in sick today (like almost every other Monday), and now I'm here alone so fatigued that I feel like fainting even while sitting. And I don't have enough food at home to make a meal, so I also have to go grocery shopping like this later.
  9. personalmaps

    guppy Supporter

    Every time I talk about losing weight one of my friends shames me for talking about it and like I get that weight loss culture is extremely toxic but I haven’t done anything toxic and have been extremely honest about how some of the weight loss is from health struggles and not something to strive for. But all my life I was naturally skinny until birth control wrecked my hormones so I don’t feel guilty for not “accepting” myself when I do not feel like that was “myself.”

    I don’t restrict my diet (outside allergies/sensitivities), I don’t do any crazy workouts, I feel like I’ve tried really hard to be smart about how I talk about this journey and I have only talked about it publically a couple of times. I’m not trying to contribute to any shitty skinny culture and I’m not even necessarily trying to be skinny- I just want to be comfortable in my body and not get shit on for talking about what that road has been like for me.
  10. iCarly Rae Jepsen

    Oh goose Supporter

    "Real women have curves" is so gross, fat shaming is bad but acting like people don't naturally have certain body types is also bad
    Like imagine saying Fiona Apple isn't a feminist because she's naturally skinny
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  11. personalmaps

    guppy Supporter

    It’s like. I was. And then l wasn’t. I lost just over 25lbs since last July and fluctuate between like 160-170 and I’m FINE with that but I’m so tired of being made to feel bad because I didn’t want to stay the weight I was and because I kind of missed being skinner when that was the default my entire LIFE before my early 20s.

    And yes the feminist aspect of it is also frustrating because like I’m not trying to lose weight to appease any man or any part of the male gaze. There is almost nothing about my style or choices that are meant to cater to men and I hate when people try to spin it that way.
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  12. scroopy.noopers

    : (

    i've been trying to work with this dude since feb and he is really bad at communicating. he runs a business that has a really great platform and its rapidly growing, but he seems to be having a really hard time organizing everything. he put it out there that he needs and assistant, i offered, he told me to email him, and i did. didn't hear from him for a day and then he replied with "text me". i text him. didn't hear from him for over a week. we're in this constant back and forth between emails and texts. we try to meet up but he doesn't respond to texts when i try to verify a time with him, i don't hear back. i want to help him and work with him but i'm out of ideas on how to do that.
  13. DarkHotline

    Swedish Festival Enthusiast Supporter

    Fuck those people, do you. They don’t pay your bills or live your life. I guess what I’m saying is don’t let people tear you down for improving yourself.
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  14. Carmen SD


    work friend is acting weird lately. every time were scheduled to work together she calls off (not that she's a good worker, she's actually has gotten super lazy over the past few months). when she works the shift after mine, she's whispering and likely talking shit to the person I worked with. its almost as she thinks I'm stupid and doesn't know what she's doing. she also kinda avoids talking to me? not only that but STILL hasn't told me she got a new job, etc. she tells everyone else things about her new job, quitting/not quitting, but I havent heard a peep. seems weird. especially since were suppose to be friends

    I'm over fake people
  15. Kiana

    Anyway, don't be a stranger Prestigious

    I enjoy my job but I resent how socialized we are to dedicate so much to our work. The hours and time and dedication we're meant to put in is ridic. Like everyone is just working so hard like for what?? To try and make a dent in student loans and not live with our parents anymore? I always hear ppl say that they'd work even if they won the lottery because they "have" to work but naw not me sis! I'd def volunteer my time with organizations I love and support, but no sir to spending a majority of my life working with just a small glimmer of hope that I'll maybe be able to retire one day in a distant future. U best believe I'd travel and help my loved ones and own my beach house in the coast and my apt in the city and live my best life. U wouldn't catch me working full time that's for sure!
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  16. elwayinthe4th


    I hope one day I can afford to sleep
  17. elwayinthe4th


  18. Carmen SD


    Cant stand how management at your work sometimes will be upset that "nobody wants to come in on their day off and help" or stay to work a double or work OT. Yet (some) they don't even do the part of their job and come in when they can't find coverage leaving the staff short and say things like "do your best". When you ask for help most of the time they say "oh i can't rn, i need to complete this task" which makes no sense bc theyre always saying if you need help ask. They come off like the employees don't have a life or kids or whatever outside of work. They just expect them to drop everything come work or work extra. Then they wonder why people get overworked and burned out and quit.
  19. K0ta

    Trusted Supporter

    It was cool when my adult male coworker came into my office just now to be mad that he had to do more work (because he didn't do it right to begin with so I had to email him to fix it) and when I told him it was all written in my original email he turned around and started to walk out before I was done and slammed my office door like a petulant child.

    He just had a kid with the bosses daughter though so unfortunately he can get away with being the huge asshole that he is, although let him try that shit with me again without walking out like a baby.

    Same guy who would curse in meetings and then would turn to me and jokingly apologize like I'm not a 30 year old woman who hasn't heard "fuck" before.
  20. I’m in a weird place today. People complaining and admonishing things really irked me today for some reason. The things that immediately come to mind are the sonic trailer which looks equally as ridiculous as the detective pikachu movie, and KROQ’s weenie roast lineup. It’s their summer festival and KROQ has a relatively new music director and people are grilling them in the comments about the lineup. I mean, it’s not for me just as much as the sonic film isn’t for me but I’m not publicly shaming either and why waste the energy? Perhaps it’s because I was very busy at work so the thought of having enough time to rail something online seems too boring and wasteful.

    I suppose it’s me so I’m venting here. It just seems to fall in line with people having their hot takes out on the Internet first - and it’s only good or bad. Black or white. No middle ground.

    Anyway, I’ll probably rail on something tomorrow but I’ve talked thru it here. Maybe I should journal or something but that seems like a huge waste of time and space. I’m trying to become more minimal.

  21. A few times a year, Greek Easter and Christmas, my grandmother comes to stay at my house. She’s been staying for a fortnight each trip the last two years. Honestly, it wasn’t so bad ten years ago when she stayed for about a week. Now it’s longer which means that my extended family visit my house every day / night for weeks, disrupting the home routine and entire home dynamic. It sucks.

    I understand my grandmother struggles with depression, and I understand why, but she puts people down and drags us down with her. It’s really tough when my sister retires into one of the other rooms and says, “I wish everyone would leave us alone. I’m done with this”

    and my dad is in such a tough position, it’s his mum so what can he do? She lives five hours away and hardly sees her. We just wish his sister or my other grandma could lighten the load on us. We’re constantly hosting and don’t have any alone time. It’s exhausting and affects everyone in my house.

    Add to this that my boyfriend has travelled across the world to see me again, and we haven’t had any alone time yet. I’m sneaking into the spare bedroom in the mornings to be with him since my parents won’t let us share a bed. Can’t my grandmother stay elsewhere while he’s here? We don’t just crave sex, we crave laying in bed listening to music without interruption. Hanging out without her eyes on us. She’s an old, traditional Greek woman who’s literally told him that all he’s good for is helping me out around the house. I just want to enjoy the minimal time I have with my partner without all the bullshit.
  22. scroopy.noopers

    : (

    Last month me and my partner had to kick someone out of our apartment who hasn't been paying rent for months, on top of some other not cool things. To fix things, a young lady we had staying on our couch is taking over his room, and he is sleeping on the couch until he can get on his feet and move out (we gave him a hard deadline of May 15th so that is almost over) because we didn't want to just put him out on the street. We gave him 45 days, without having to pay rent/utilities for April.

    Then a couple weeks ago, our other roommate, a person my partner was very close to (like brother and sister), decided she was going to move into a new place and she would sublease her room. That hurt, but we moved past that and trusted her to arrange everything with a new person. Wrong. She did not inform the new housemate that there was someone crashing on the couch. She also left a huge mess for us to clean up after she moved, so the new housemate immediately complained to us that the place was too messy for her to live in... as me and my partner were cleaning up the mess.

    The new housemate has been agro af from the first minute she walked in the door, and although I understand her frustrations, her anger is being directed at me and my partner who've done nothing but try to help remedy the situation. She came to our room last night pounding on the door and claiming the key our old roommate left didn't work. We told her we'd take care of it. She still complained, and in the end, she did receive the right key. I checked it out myself this morning and had no issues unlocking or locking the door. When I politely brought that up to her, she circled back again to complain about there being someone on the couch.

    To top this all off, this is a house full of trans and queer people. She is cishet and misgendering everyone while she complains about all these things. Keep in mind, the complaints have all been through text. When we talk in person, she is very polite.

    tl;dr: Me and my partner keep having bad luck with people/roommates and its driving us both crazy.
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  23. himynameisiain

    Regular Supporter

    “Rows 1 to 10 please board the plane.”

    These are all the people not in rows 1 to 10 standing in that Q!

  24. Ken

    Entrusted Supporter

    People are the worst when it comes to air travel.
  25. K0ta

    Trusted Supporter

    I hate flying
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