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  1. Kiana

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    Being a woman is like a cosmic joke I swear!! Week before my period and I am so exhausted and fighting migraines and feeling so off even tho my sleep and nutrition was fine this week. It's so stupid. Meh. If men dealt with this BS there'd be a cure is all I'm saying!!
  2. K0ta

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    Go off sis!!!

    I swear though the best part of my IUD is no periods. I get migraines too, since I was a kid, and they're an absolute nightmare. :(
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  3. Kiana

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    I've been on birth control for years which has helped my symptoms majorly and has enabled me to even be able to function, but I swear they are slowly creeping back sometimes. I never rly used to get symptoms the week before, just the week of, but now I'm always getting the migraines and was so exhausted I was late to work oop
  4. Argus

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    I've been meaning to take some Oracle certification exams for about a year now, and I was thinking I could use those as my rationale for the employment gap to potential employers. However, my sister-in-law is a hiring manager and she advised me to try and get a part-time job in between.
  5. K0ta

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    When I started birth control I was taking the pill and I noticed that my migraines would line up when I stopped the pill for the one week. That drop in hormones or whatever happens caused me to get a migraine without fail every time, do you think this is similar to what you experience? This stopped when I decided to just take the pill continuously without the break, however insurance was a nightmare doing it this way because the pharmacy often gave me shit about filling the rx early even with a doc's order.

    Getting the iud helped those hormone fluctuations immensely for me.
  6. domotime2

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    So me and gf were at a wedding venue to ask about specific questions etc. In fact I put a deposit down and everything
  7. marsupial jones

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    I don’t see anything there to give advice on

    Nor do I see a frustration
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  8. domotime2

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    ^ more info later. The fight has begun (this is a to be continued vent....)
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  9. Kiana

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    I'm invested in this saga now @domotime2 pls dish!
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  10. CobraKidJon

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    Domo’s interpretation of quick is fascinating.
  11. marsupial jones

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    He’s waited too long, I’ve lost interest
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  12. Carmen SD


    I have this co worker that constantly calls out. She’s young (probably the youngest) and is in the “party” phase. It’s like she calls off because she’s hungover or really tired. She literally called off a few days in a row for “sick” yet her Snapchat tells me differently. She doesn’t take any responsibility and it makes me wonder what her mom thinks (and other people’s parental units of kids who do this type of thing). You make a commitment to basically work “full time” but you don’t show up half the time and won’t ask to go part time. With the line of work I do rn there is no room for frequent call-offers. It lets the people you’re working with down big time. It’s stressful every time I’m scheduled to work with her because she never shows up
  13. Kiana

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    I whine about this a lot, but I hate loudness. I keep my TV at the lowest possible volume where I can just hear it. I twist door knobs before I shut the door so it doesn't slam as loudly. I pick my stools up and move them instead of sliding them on the floor so they don't screech. So when people come over and talk super loud and turn my TV up and screech my stools and clatter the dishes around I get vexed! Full body cringe. I always hear ppl reference the Loud American stereotype and I feel like it's real! Ppl are so absurdly loud!
  14. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    I hate when you go to a restaurant and everyone is loud and don't understand how people blast music and enjoy it
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  15. Kiana

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    Ugh I dread going to restaurants with people who are loud. They answer their phone and talk all loudly or try to show me random videos on their phone like were u ppl born in a barn??? I know someone who talks super loudly and she happened to be in the same restaurant as me recently and I heard her entire convo like c'mon ppl do better!!
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  16. supernovagirl

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    @Kiana it sounds like you might have some sensory processing issues, it is related to anxiety! I actually have it as well and hate loud shit too but even I think I would be too loud for you. Also because I am loud, because that doesn’t affect me but it would affect you. If that makes sense.
    Anyway yeah I can relate is what I’m sayin and since I know you have anxiety I always can tie mine to that. I’m especially sensitive to sensory stuff when I’m already anxious
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  17. Kiana

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    Ur prob right! My cubicle is next to an extremely loud person and my first few weeks there I felt on the verge of a breakdown. I love concerts so I can handle that, but idk any other context and it's obnoxious.
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  18. ArmsLikeTeeth

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    This is such a high school thing to complain about but I wish I had friends who actually invited me to do things. Like, I shouldn't care because I'm graduating in 4 months but it really stings when like the 5 people I'm friends with here seem to always have an excuse. Like, is it me? Or are they just that boring?
  19. Kiana

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    That is unfortunately not just a hs problem heavy sigh get used to friends disappointing you!!
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  20. domotime2

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    okay im back.

    Anyways, me and gf were at a wedding venue (distillery) to ask about specifcis and put a deposit down. Everything sounded great. It's a disillery/bar we've gone to many times and we had one of the bartenders who we've been friendly with give us all the info. Now me and my gf have always joked about how I had a crush on her (cute girl who loves my dog), but whatever it's just a joking crush. Me and gf go into another room to talk about all the info we just got and pretty much gush on how easy and doable the whole thing. I tell my girlfriend I'm going to check out the upstairs room because I've never seen it before...and on my way back the bartender girl was out and about and I asked her if our wedding guests could use that space and I ask her a few more questions too while she was out there. I must have lost track of time and not realized I had been away from the gf for about 10 minutes at that point.

    She walks past us with dogs in hand and said she's going to take them for a walk (the distilley allows dogs inside). I say okay cool. Once she leaves I finish up my convo with bartender and go back to where we were sitting. I'm texting friends about the wedding etc etc, excited, and then out of nowhere my gf texts me "have fun with the bartender girl, im going home".

    She had LEFT because she thought I was flirting with the bartender.

    Now...i don't know what to say because it's such a ridiculous thing. My girlfriend has never acted jealous before, ever, and she knows i have a ton of female friends, and that im just a friendly guy. And even with that said, I was merely asking the bartender more info and like... i didn't know what to say. She was adamant and serious too. "Maybe we should get the deposit back". I'm like woah what the hell is going on

    I tried to be reasonable and apologize and say I was sorry for leaving her for so long and she was like "as soon as you said you were goin to check out other room, i knew you were really leaving to talk to her" (WHAT?!) "the entire time she was giving us info she was talking only to you and not me". (WHAT?!).

    In any argument i really really really try and see where the other person's coming from and i tried...i really tried. I even put myself down and saying "no one's hitting on me, no one ever hits on me" because this stuff never crosses my mind. I'm not a flirty guy, I was merely in a good mood because I'm getting married, at a place we wanted, and it seems like it's all coming together.

    I DONT KNOW... anyways today she's been hugging me extra more and kissing and pretty much apologizing with body language. AT the time i was in this thread I was in the bar room not knowing what to say back.

    What do you do when a significant other goes...well.. AWOL!? When they just say stuff that's flat out not true. "You didn't really want to see the upstairs room you wanted to talk to the bartender" Again...just like... not true at all.

    Such a weird moment. I've never seen that side of her (3 years)
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  21. Kiana

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    Idk what that's about but it def seems like she has an insecurity or that it bothers her more than she let on (maybe her jokes about u and the bartender were never rly jokes?) But either way u guys should def talk it out soon if you're looking at wedding venues
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  22. domotime2

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    It was mega shocking and out of the blue and out of character. And def about not realizing she took the bartender stuff seriously.
  23. Carmen SD Feb 24, 2019
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    Carmen SD


    Kinda irritated. My work keeps changing my days off I was promised. I was suppose to get the weekend off, then they changed it to fri/sat. Now it’s sun/mon and I’m pissed because I have to reschedule appointments that were hard to get. I wasn’t even told about it. For whatever reason they have another girl fri/sat I don’t know why-

    Edit: we have a rotation schedule and I only got a set schedule because I’m a lead staff. This person isn’t a lead and calls off all the time and is kinda a lazy worker. The only other person with a set schedule is another worker who needs a certain day off for reasons so I just they just made it set. I’m going to eventually ask if they can switch it
  24. domotime2

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    Bartender girl asked for my number so she can tell us that there's a new policy about dogs and how it might effect our wedding

    Girlfriend is pissssssssssssssssssed. Idk what to say. She wants to talk to her and say "dont talk to my bf" stuff but thats so embarassing because.... my girlfriend is nuts. That's not what's happening. the girl is being nice and my number is on file

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    Hahaha that’s just insane.

    I understand where you’re coming from but if this woman is making your GF uncomfortable you should probably not interact with her. Just say I appreciate that but would you mind just connecting with my fiancé and have them coordinate directly. Won’t end well if you’re the main point of contact for a woman your fiancée is uncomfortable with. Just more hassle than it’s worth especially if there’s nothing going on
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