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  1. Kiana

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    This is not on you and she made a super weird deal about it. I can afford my own dinner but my parents still pay for me sometimes just to do it and nobody thinks it's weird. Her own shame is her own fault and problem and has everything to do with her
  2. supernovagirl

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    Thanks girl :/ to me it just shows that obviously my siblings are in her ear giving her a hard time for helping me out financially still. It makes me feel like clearly everyone thinks I’m just this failure.
  3. atlas


    Me and my friends are planning a birthday celebration for one of our friends at a cool Irish pub in the area. Naturally since I'm the only one who takes initiative on anything in my life ever, I made the reservation. I already feel like a huge fuckin dick making a reservation on a Saturday night for 14, but then I had 2 friends say they want to bring their girlfriends along. This is *despite* me asking the group chat multiple times over the course of a week to let me know if they wanted to bring anyone else before I made the reservation. So I have to fuckin call and bump the reservation up to 16, again making sure to ask everyone beforehand if they want to bring anyone else. Not 30 minutes later, another friend asks "oh can you reserve a spot for my girlfriend too?"

    I had to immediately leave the group chat to avoid saying something I would regret
  4. supernovagirl

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    Ugh @atlas I don’t blame your frustration at all, that is soo annoying!!
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  5. Kiana

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    I paid for the tickets and hotel and gas for this trip just like figuring my friend would pay for half as she always does. But then she commented that I paid for the whole trip in a way that implied she wasn't going to help as we were already on the trip. And I get her situation truly. But I end up doing this with literally every friend I invite to the city for shows and it does suck. It's why I went to boygenius alone. It's awkward cause I know where my friends are financially like generally and I am in a more privileged position and don't wanna demand money from them, but at the same time I feel weird about it too idk why I just do I guess. I suppose cause I'd never not pay for half a trip like that. But I also have the means to, and when I don't I don't go on trips. But I did invite them. so idk
  6. supernovagirl

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    @Kiana i can understand your frustration. I can’t afford any trips and if a friend invited me on one I would make it clear that I couldn’t afford it and wouldn’t want them to pay for me. If they still wanted to and offered then yeah of course I would take them up but I feel like it requires way more of a discussion rather than assumption.
  7. Kiana

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    Yeah I've def turned down trips I can't afford and I've had friends pay for my hotel or whatever because they still wanted me to go. And I've said upfront that I would pay for the trip once with a friend but I made that clear from the jump that I was paying for her. I feel like if it's not explicitly said than it shouldn't rly be assumed idk but I guess I should've hammered it out beforehand
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  8. supernovagirl

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    No exactly if it isn’t explicitly said it shouldn’t be assumed!!
  9. CobraKidJon

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    so in the end they are only able to “offer” me part time because there are no more spots for full time. It just sucks because now I only get 25 hours a week and I’m supposed to be full time but some stupid glitch happened and took me off the list. Mehhhh.
  10. cheese_pizza


    Oh well, I have smth to say!
    *first of all, thanks for the thread - REALLY useful*
    So. I am having my university exam today. To begin with, I've tried my best this time and have got good marks on other subjects.
    We had 3 teachers on this subject - one lecturer and practice evaluators. Yesterday our lector wrote us and asked for current marks! Imagine! The person who evaluated labs hadn't told him anything about our marks!
    And one more thing. We wrote tests twice a month and two months ago. Are they evaluated? Actually no. No marks, no results, the exam is today. Why should I try my best next time? I'll just study things which are useful and won't pay my attention to sub-subjects with bad manner of teaching.
    Very, very disappointed with some teachers who make us think the whole system of education is bad.
  11. Joe4th

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    I'm drained.

    Been doing house research, applied for a mortgage etc. because I'm tired of living at the place I'm out now. My girlfriend lives with me, as does two of my friends. The two friends are just always so damn loud, and do little to help around the house. I've been tired of it for some time and now I'm just ready to be done and move out.

    I got approved for the mortgage, but of course a downpayment for a house isn't cheap, and I don't have enough set aside, and realistically wouldn't until the end of the year at the earliest, which I cannot live in this house that long. I don't want to get an apartment because it'll be more expensive and near impossible to actually save for a house so that's fun. My girlfriend is ready to move too because she doesn't really have much space in the house since we share the one room. I just feel like a failure not being able to have enough money.

    And then I feel like an ass because I resent my parents right now for how much money they have and how little they care about how I'm doing. It probably makes me a shitty person, but fuck man. They're looking at buying a new fucking boat, and also looking for a house to buy in Florida. Meanwhile I'm drowning in the $600 I pay in student loans a month, and struggling to try and get a place to live where I'm not miserable. Instead my mom chooses to tell me how hard it was for her to save for a house when she did and how she lived off ramen. like, okay, cool. Not already trying to do that as is but fuck me I guess.

    I just feel so fucking stuck and like such a failure.
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    Sorry to hear that.

    I feel like I'm in a similar boat but not really. Having a pretty tough day today and reading this one at least made me feel like I'm not the only one in a similar position. Little bits and pieces change in my story of course but the end result is the same.

    It's tough to go through but just have to try and take it one step/one day at a time and have faith that it'll work out the way it's supposed to
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  13. Kiana

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  14. domotime2

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    Is this a common occurrence or a one time party
  15. Kiana

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    It's a common occurrence altho the first time with show tunes lol. They know what they're doing cause they stop it at 10 on the dot. But like sry I'm an old lady and try to fall asleep before then !
  16. domotime2

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    ah 10... that's borderline haha. i give my neighbor until midnight and use a sound machine if i go to bed earlier
  17. Kiana

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    I usually put on YouTube to drown it out but it was too distracting still. Maybe I need ear plugs or noise cancelling head phones. I'm trying to listen to my therapist and start unwinding early and create a good sleep routine before bed, but it's hard when I'm getting all cranky and wanting to yell SHUT UP IM TRYING TO BE CALM AND RELAXED OK. Lol it's not late enough for me to reasonably complain to a landlord or anything I just wish they were respectful of my old ladyness!
  18. Carmen SD


    So a work friend, I feel like I can’t trust anymore. I’m pretty sure she’s trying to start some shit and making things up and telling another co worker I’m talking shit about them. Idk if it’s some type of jealousy or what but words can’t describe how shocked i am that she’d do that. It’s almost like she’s two faced. This co worker that came to me about it was saying that she was being told I’m in the supervisors office saying she’s not doing her job or whatever. For one I haven’t really seen this co worker that I’m “supposedly” talking shit about. The person/friend that I think is trying to start something has seen me go in to the supervisors office (because the supervisor wanted to talk to me) so I think that’s where it’s coming from but it really wasn’t about anyone plus management isn’t allowed to talk about other people. Part of me being the lead staff (which isn’t announced yet) is meeting with the supervisor to talk about how the shift went etc.

    I’m going to talk to this friend and tell her to stop spreading rumors and gossiping (management has talked to her about that before) in which she denies doing, and now I can see what they mean. This friend has also told me another manager has told another friend/worker of hers not to trust her (the manager was friends with this person before they became a manager) and I asked what she meant by that and now I think I’m seeing what they mean.

    It was weird tho this friend came in to work today like trying to avoid me and whispering to our co worker (the one that told me someone said I was talking shit about her)
  19. Kiana

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    Nothing like coming home from work with a migraine to upstairs neighbors building/hammering something loudly
  20. Jams


    I have someone who has been wanting to hang out with me lately which is great cause I have no friends buttttttt I HATE her husband. Like HATE him. He's a right-wing asshole and I never know if he is going to be at home or not when I go over to her house. It honestly makes me sometimes not even want to hang out with her. I get really anxious bc I don't know if he'll be there or not and if he is there he always wants to hang out with us. I don't wanna be an ass but I just wanna ask her: uh is your husband there bc if so I'm busy lol
  21. Vase Full Of Rocks

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    I've only lived in my new apartment for a month and I've already had so many problems. The walls are pretty thin and my next door neighbors have kids that won't stop running, jumping and screaming in our hallway that has an immense echo. The father (step-dad?) tries to curb this behavior by yelling at the kids when they get back into their apartment which, come on, dude, that's a horrible solution.

    My apartment clearly wasn't cleaned before move-in as there is a bunch of gunk and grease on all the cabinets in the kitchen. Speaking of cabinets, there's a bunch of huge spiders in one of them. The management company gave me a bug bomb and told me to take care of it. Trash pickup comes once every TWO weeks and the trash cans are just out in the open behind the other apartment building and seagulls and squirrels are constantly ripping into them and throwing them everywhere.

    Now all of this is just small stuff that's just been adding up, but tonight when I got home the toilet overflowed and the toilet gets clogged if you literally do ANYTHING. You look at it wrong and it's like "heh, not today, bro" and just doesn't want to work properly. So I just had to clean that up for the past thirty minutes.

    I'm just feeling really burned. I didn't arrive here in the best mental state and I'm trying really hard to completely restart my life and be a better me by going to therapy, getting a new job and doing new and productive things, but the one place that should feel easy and comfortable has just been a huge hassle. It makes me really upset.
  22. personalmaps

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    actually just had a project manager meeting that made me so fucking mad that i spent half an hour looking for another job before i cooled off. very insulted that my team was shaded for not being "solution oriented" based on an email chain i was on yesterday when i've been dragged across 3 teams in the past year specifically to clean up messes i did not create. i cleaned up a team that was completely useless and made it a fully-functioning global resource. don't tell me i'm not "solution oriented."
  23. ArmsLikeTeeth

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    Bunch of people cheated on the midterm in my AP Human Geography class and now my teacher is threatening to fail everyone unless people come forward. I know who did it, and it's such bullshit because they do it on every test and definitely don't have the integrity to come forward. Like, I'm just trying to do well enough to graduate without my college rescinding my acceptance.
  24. Ken

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    Have you ever seen Jersey Shore? I'd suggest writing an anonymous letter.
  25. supernovagirl

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    I’m crying
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