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Vent Your Frustrations • Page 101

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by omgrawr, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. RyanPm40

    The Torment of Existence Supporter

    Thanks!! I don't think there are any in my state unfortunately but may be a possibility for an hour drive into Boston. Will have to do some research
  2. RyanPm40

    The Torment of Existence Supporter

    Thanks a lot! Just a very frustrating situation all around, nothing that can really be done. Heh. Might look into some sort of patient payment card for a monthly payment and do some more calling around. She needs time for the antibiotic to take care of the infection first anyways so that buys us some time
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  3. Carmen SD


    Your fiancé is probably better off getting the root canal treated tooth extracted than a doing a retreat. Not sure which tooth it is but if it’s a molar than she should consult an endodontist if haven’t already instead of a general dentist.

    also not sure why other places won’t see her unless she gives the other one a bad review?? I’m a little confused about this. Also what someone else said. If there’s any dental schools near you, doing treatment there is cheaper than what you’d get “normally”
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  4. RyanPm40

    The Torment of Existence Supporter

    Thanks! Not familiar with what an endontist is, but will relay that to her!

    Yeah, kind of a long story, but every place we called wasn't accepting new patients, even for their emergency services, unfortunately. The one dentist who is emergency-only is closed 3 days a week. She's been to the one we ended up with in the past, but she was calling them with terrible pain Friday, saying it was sensitive to hot and cold and that she couldnt sleep or think, and they said they'd call her back and just never did. Today, when she called them again, they said they'd call her back and didn't, so she called again a few hours later, and they said they couldn't see her at that point. Despite the constant phone tag, a frustrated review got them to call her within a half hour.

    We were just disappointed that in a potentially emergency situation, the reception at a practice she was already a patient at couldn't give us a call back on whether the dentist thought it was concerning enough to go to the ER at that point, on two separate days
  5. Carmen SD


    I’m sorry I hear the experience she’s had. I would find a completely different office. It’s unfortunate that a review is the only way to get them to return a call. I understand if there’s no openings as it is near the end of the year and many people are wanting to use their benefits so offices are getting booked. But returning a call is simple and letting someone know your booked isn’t hard either. Usually offices are always excepting new patients. An endodontist specializes in root canals. I just don’t want your fiancé to have to spend more money in long run, especially if she doesn’t have insurance. They’ll be able to tell her if they can retreat it or if it’s better to get it extracted.