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  1. Tim

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    Semantics, taste, etc., but I personally think it's way too fun a watch to call "a terrible movie." *shrug*

    It does feel a lot like pre-Avengers X-Men films in a way. But, I have a ton of nostalgia for that original trilogy, genuinely good X2 & hot mess Last Stand alike, lol. So, getting a movie about a character I loved as a kid in the general style of the comic book films of my youth... It felt good.
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  2. Marx&Recreation


    Definitely didn’t find this even fun tbh. Every character except Hardy and Venom was so dull and humorless, even Jenny Slate who they had play completely straight for some dumb reason. The movie did fly by, though I don’t think i’d Ever say I was entertained by it.

    Idk, when I think of a “fun” and silly superhero movie that I would rewatch just for that I think Guardians or Ragnarok, and I don’t think anyone would argue that this comes close to that.
  3. Marx&Recreation


    Also this isn’t a critique but does Hardy have *any* control over Venom’s powers? When they strike their deal at the end, I don’t really get what Venom is getting out of it. Obviously a host would want their venom to match with them because otherwise means death, but I thought the only thing the venoms get out of it is food / shelter, which they could get from anybody
  4. dash64

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    Picked up the steelbook at BestBuy yesterday, and am excited to do a rewatch with the girlfriend this weekend!
  5. mattav152


    Watched this a couple nights ago. This movie was so weird for me. Visually I thought it was well done. Venom looks cool as hell when he's on screen and the relationship between him and Eddy was interesting, yet they definitely didn't flesh it out to the extent that they should have. The narrative is not good and a lot of stuff here felt forced (I didn't believe Venom's reasoning for staying on Earth in the slightest), especially in the supporting actors and villains. Hardy's accent and Eddy's personality were really strange choices to me as well. Also gotta say that this had awful pacing and really felt like they cut a loooot out of this.
  6. Kuri44


    Just rented this, gonna go in with a positive attitude and hopefully have a fun time with it
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  7. Get beer.

    And tater tots.

    And chocolate.
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  8. Jusscali

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    I liked this. No real issues. Pretty funny.
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  9. Kuri44


    I liked this overall as well. Yeah the script/story were kind of all over the place, as was some of the casting (Jenny Slate) but I really liked the Eddie/Venom relationship and am looking forward to seeing more of them. I got chills when we first see Venom go off, pretty fucking cool. Also, I think venom was one of the best Spider-Man villains brought to screen yet (better than Electro, Sandman, Lizard, Rhino, SPM3 venom, new goblin). I really hope we get to see him and Spider-Man interact at some point. Comedy was pretty well done too, I laughed more than I thought.
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  10. Pile of heads.
    Pile of bodies.
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  11. Tim

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    Buying this movie & a Mountain Dew right now. :venom:
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  12. Tim

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    Underappreciated comedic moment:

    Anne sternly saying to Eddie, "Hospital. Right now."

    The delivery & context is just really funny to me.
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  13. I still can’t believe how much more I enjoyed this movie than I thought I would.

    I really love that almost everyone’s reaction has been some variation of “I know it’s not great but I really like it anyway.”
  14. Tim

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    Upon rewatching this, I gotta maintain my belief that the sequel needs Anne.

    Specifically, I think she'd make a great comedic straight man to Eddie's bonkers antics. Especially w/ Carnage in the mix. Playing everyone straight here besides Venom didn't always work, but if we've got two symbiotes w/ hammy hosts, Anne could work well against those two.
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  15. Tim

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  16. RyanPm40

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    So I just googled "Carnage" to read up on him some more, and no joke, a Miriam-Webster dictionary link for the word "Carnage" appeared and it was with a photo of Trump next to it lmao. Refreshed the search and it was gone
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  17. ECV

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    Probably a result of the "American carnage" line in his inauguration speech
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  18. Serh

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  19. michael_gatto


    Honestly, rewatched this the other night and I don't hate it. It's not great, but viewed as a comedy it's a lot of fun. Tom Hardy is incredible.
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  20. Tim

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    Having Kelly Marcel as the writer from the start is probably a good sign. She came to Venom late in the process, I think literally right before they started shooting, and is good friends with Tom Hardy, who was obviously the reason the film worked. So, I imagine she and Tom will together drive this franchise in the right direction.
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  21. oakhurst


    Just cut Woody’s hair. That orange fro was beyond dumb.
  22. atlas


    I’m 40 minutes into this and it’s so bad. Soooooo fucking bad. Please tell me it gets better
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  23. Tim

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    lol. All the more reason why she should be in the sequel, reacting to scenery-chewing Tom Hardy & Woody Harrelson.
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  24. RyanPm40

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    Finally saw this and... Wow. Some of the worst dialogue I've ever heard in a big budget film and horrible acting all around aside from Hardy and maybe Ahmed. Jenny Slate just wasn't good.. almost sounded robotic in her delivery.

    Writing was all over the place and pretty bad throughout. Venom/Brock interactions were by far the best (and possibly only) redeeming qualities of the film.

    I don't even know if I can say this is any better than Spider-Man 3. But they did a better job at how Venom looks, so I guess there's that
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  25. RyanPm40

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    I was also dying laughing how obvious it was that they dubbed over any parts that mispronounced symbiote lmao. The character saying it was either suuuper far away so you couldn't see their mouth moving, or were completely off screen altogether