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Venom (Ruben Fleischer, October 5, 2018) Movie • Page 2

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Joe, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Henry

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  2. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    I guess not that unrealistic lol
  3. Woah! So, are we assuming he's playing Eddie Brock, or is he going to be a different character?
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  4. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  5. scottlechowicz

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    Huh. I assumed they would go more the Flash Thompson Venom route.
  6. Tim

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    Occasionally your dream casting actually works out. SO HYPED.
  7. Blimp City Hero May 19, 2017
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    Blimp City Hero

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    He's just a 90s boner as Bane AND Venom.

    I would say the idea of Ruben Fleischer directing is a huge concern. He's been kind of all over the place in Hollywood, but not much there to feel excited about him pulling it all together for the big screen.
  8. ghostedaway

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    How about Scarecrow for Carnage now
  9. Alright, alright.
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  10. Serh

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  11. Tim

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    Agent Venom is my favorite Venom, but Eddie Brock is still great and a good choice for the film. The comics recently brought back Brock as Venom, so it's pretty good timing, lol. Homecoming has someone playing a high school Flash, so having Flash the vet simultaneously become Venom in this standalone franchise would be a tough sell.
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  12. Dirty Sanchez

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  13. oakhurst


    Yes! I'm so glad they're keeping Eddie as Venom and that they got Tom freaking Hardy. My interest in this film jumped from 0 to 100 in about .5 seconds.
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  14. Tim

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    As basically the only person interested in this from the moment it was announced, I love seeing people change their minds with this excellent casting.

    Speaking of the last cinematic Venom, while they got the character about as wrong as one could imagine, they weren't that far from nailing the basic design. (You know, when they weren't opening the face to constantly remind us Topher Grace was underneath for some reason.) Doing something similar over Tom Hardy's build would look pretty cool.

  15. carrytheweird

    Very good casting. Cautiously optimistic. The crew behind the movie is not encouraging.
  16. PauLo

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    The fact this wont cross over into the MCU breaks my heart. I love Tom and want to see him with everyone else :(
  17. Tim

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    They're much more limited in what they can get away with tonally if this is an MCU film, though. This is definitely for the better.
  18. oakhurst


    I wish Marvel and Sony would agree to this let be set in the mcu (so Tom Holland's SM and potentially other characters could appear), just not list it as one of the movies in any of the phases. Let it be a spin-off of the mcu basically with Sony having complete control on whatever they want to do. Daredevil and such are part of the MCU and they're pretty dark as is.
  19. carrytheweird

    Truly trying to figure out exactly how a Venom story works without Spider-Man?

    I suppose this is still a better choice for Tom Hardy than Rick Flag.
  20. Tim

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    Very easily, actually.

    Eddie Brock was a journalist obsessed with the approval of his father, who never showed him affection because Eddie's mother died in childbirth. Eddie finally seemed to win that approval when he wrote a piece on a man who came forward claiming to be the serial killer Sin Eater, but this was ripped out from under him when the real Sin Eater was caught by Spider-Man. After losing his job and his last chance at his father's respect, Eddie becomes obsessed with proving his manhood to the point of ruining his marriage. Ultimately, his fixation leads him to become suicidal, which causes him further stress due to his Catholic faith. He's in a church at the end of his rope when the symbiote falls on him from Spider-Man.

    The Spidey obsession is the least interesting part of this (Kraven's Last Hunt did it better about a year earlier). If you lean into Brock's struggle with faith, masculinity, and a broken family, you have a really strong character arc. Just have the police capture the real Sin Eater instead of Spidey, and then make Cletus Kasady the false Sin Eater to organically fit Carnage into the narrative (letting him function as the personification of Eddie's failures).

    And this is just one possibility out of many. They could also go the Ultimate Spider-Man route, where the symbiote is a failed experiment in curing cancer created by Eddie's father, instead of an alien creature. Yet another comic book story about the hubris of humanity wouldn't be as fascinating to me as the above suggestion, but it'd still be a compelling enough arc without the Spidey angle.

    The Venom symbol is just stylized enough to be seen as the creature's markings; if we can call an "S" an alien family crest representing hope, we can also accept that, lol. As for the webs, in the comics that's literally just the symbiote shooting part of itself, and Carnage does something similar with blades, so you don't need Spidey to explain that.
  21. Michael Schmidt

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    Hey all, I was not a big comic book guy growing up so I only knew of Venom, not so much about the details and sort of snoozed through Spiderman 3. But I do remember the fight scene in the building under construction.

    I have some very basic questions (feel free to laugh at me). Why do symbiotes need a host? If they can exist on their own, as Venom in this case, why do they need to attach themselves to other people? What is the benefit?
  22. Tim

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    The answer to this question has varied over the years, but I believe the following is the fullest answer:

    The Klyntar (the official name of the symbiote species) were originally a benevolent species that sought out hosts to enhance in order to better a society, but corrupt hosts can corrupt a Klyntar. By the time the Venom symbiote was found by Peter Parker, the corrupt Klyntar (of which Venom is one, though it was rejected by its kind for not being malicious enough) had out-expanded the pure. These Klyntar are genocidal conquerors and adrenaline junkies.

    (Fun detail: Venom also likes feeding on phenethylamine, which is found in brains and chocolate. Eddie Brock at one point had to feast on some chocolate to cool down the suit's cannibalistic desires for him.)
  23. oakhurst


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  24. Tim

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    Kevin Feige's reaction to that is pretty funny to me. Wonder what the conversation between them was like afterwards, lol.

    My guess is that Venom will intentionally made in such a way that it could fit into Marvel's world if Feige and Pascal want it to down the road, but that there are no current plans or connections. After all, there was a time when ASM could've tied into the MCU, pre-ASM2. Of course Feige had a producer credit on ASM but not ASM2 or Venom, so that lowers the odds of crossover, but still. If nothing else, maybe they'll treat it down the road like Incredible Hulk, where it's only tangentially referenced.
  25. tucah

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    Yep, I would guess that it will technically be part of the MCU because Homecoming is and they're free to use Homecoming elements in the Sony made Spideyverse, but Marvel-made films will never reference it and the references Venom has to the MCU will be limited to things Spider-man related.