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Vennart - To Cure a Blizzard upon a Plastic Sea (September 14, 2018) Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by christsizedshoes, May 16, 2018.

  1. christsizedshoes


    New record due later this year from the singer/guitarist of legendary Oceansize. Title and release date TBD.

    New single "Donkey Kong" out today:

    Seems to have much more of an Oceansize-tier sonic ambition to it, compared to most of his first LP. Two of his four former bandmates also contribute.
  2. SoundscapeMN



    "To Cure A Blizzard Upon A Plastic Sea" Coming out on September 14th, 2018

    "Immortal Soldiers" is also streaming there.

    To Cure A Blizzard Upon A Plastic Sea, by Vennart

    1. Binary
    2. Donkey Kong
    3. Immortal Soldiers
    4. Into The Wave
    5. Friends Don't Owe
    6. Spider Bones
    7. Sentientia
    8. That's Not Entertainment
    9. Diamond Ballgag
    10. Robots In Disguise
  3. christsizedshoes


  4. HEFTY.
  5. SoundscapeMN


    Physical Copies and other items preorders

    including a monster boxed set which includes an extra EP on cd.

    Vennart pre-order catalogue

    Donkey Kong live

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  6. christsizedshoes


    Starting to think "Donkey Kong" is the best thing any of the Oceansize guys have put out since the band dissolved. And I say that as a big fan of the Vennart and British Theatre stuff.
  7. SoundscapeMN


    maybe as I am really enjoying it.

    I do love The Demon Joke a lot though. "Doubt" is a favorite of mine.
  8. SoundscapeMN


    new 1 hour+ long interview with Mike Vennart
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  11. SoundscapeMN



    Copeland EP coming on 9/14 as well.

    "Castlefordian Girls" streaming
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  12. SoundscapeMN


    the album is out today.

    Went through it once.

    I enjoy a lot of it, as mixed as the styles of some of the songs seem to be.

    Donkey Kong and Spider Bones are probably the 2 I enjoy the most. The 2nd half of Diamond Ballgag is something I think I'll regularly look forward to.

    I haven't heard the entire Copeland EP, but I guess it was put up to stream yesterday.
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  13. christsizedshoes


    My first impressions are that its diversity is both a strength and weakness, much like The Demon Joke.

    Also like TDJ, it seems somewhat front loaded. The first 4 tracks are fantastic. "Binary" or "Donkey Kong" is probably the highlight.

    "Robots" is great and reminds me a lot of the closer on Self Preserved.

    Some of the folksier and more classic rock oriented stuff in the middle I probably won't revisit much, like "Duke Fame" and "Don't Forget the Joker" on the last one. I'm happy he's making the music he wants to -- god knows he's earned the right, fronting and leading one of the best bands in rock history with so little to show for it -- but he does lose me on some of this stuff when he veers far afield from the core ingredients that made OS so brilliant.