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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Michael Schmidt, May 24, 2016.

  1. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  2. Philll


    Turns out Hellman's vegan mayo is indistinguishable from real mayo, so thats one more easy switch.
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  3. noxee

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  4. sonder

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    If you're not making overnight oats and giving yourself a nutritious treat while saving time every morning, it's time to step up your game.
  5. Arry

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    over the weekend, my gf and i made vegan lasagna with fresh pasta sheets and homemade sauce. it has zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, kite hill's ricotta and a shitton of nutritional yeast. i added sausage and the kraft powder parm because i am trash
  6. Arry

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    guys... this is the future.

  7. ikanacanyon

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    Acme near me started carrying a couple different brands of oat milk recently. I’m really excited to get into that scene
  8. sonder

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    Vegans. Fat vegans everywhere.
  9. popdisaster00

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    Lol 65% of my diet is vegan junk food
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  10. sonder

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    We're only hurting ourselves, not the animals :eh:
  11. PandaBear!

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    The amount of vegan brownies I have eaten the past 2 days has certainly bordered on harmful lol
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  12. Michael Schmidt

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    Haven’t been on the site as much due to work and life in general. I picked up this book recently and started making a lot of my shit from scratch and re-using stuff to minimize waste. Making my own milk has been sick. Trying to get my self to a point that when I buy my house I can grow a lot of what I eat and kinda minimize what I need from a grocery store. Here’s the link to the book that’s gotten my gears turning.
  13. PeacefulOrca

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    It's really annoying when you tell a restaurant you don't want the sauce and they still put it in
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  14. Arry

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    god this happened to us yesterday. we went to habit burger grill to try out their vegan burger, and the lady at the counter asked if we wanted to cheese. we said no to cheese twice, and surprise! there was cheese on the burger. we couldn't go back because we took it to-go :(
  15. PeacefulOrca

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    That's terrible, hope you let them know and they made it up to you.
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    No evil is pretty dang good
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