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Valencia Release ‘ Dancing With a Ghost’ Vinyl

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 12, 2020.

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    Valencia are releasing a tenth anniversary edition of Dancing With a Ghost on vinyl. They’re also selling a limited edition career spanning coffee-table book as well.

    On October 16, 2020 Valencia’s 'Dancing With A Ghost' will receive the vinyl treatment for the first time with a special Ten Year Anniversary Edition via Know Hope Records.
    Originally released on October 12, 2010 by I Surrender Records, 'Dancing With A Ghost' marked a momentous turning point not only in sound but also in both the personal and professional life of the band.
    “Everyone experiences change in one form or another throughout life. Whether it’s a self-forced internal change, or the universe throwing you a curveball. In the wake of 'We All Need A Reason To Believe,' we all experienced changes in our own ways personally, and as a band. 'Dancing With A Ghost' in its title form, symbolizes those changes and how we experience, learn, and grow from them," says vocalist Shane Henderson. ‘They’re songs of fighting yourself like hell on numerous social and personal topics, wanting to be better, and learning the hard lesson of letting it all go. It is that struggle in ourselves I think many of us are determined to figure out, and we attempted to figure out through this album.”
    “This album suggests a very mature point in one’s life that I think will be identifiable to most of their fans. Anyone who has navigated through the chaos that is a life-changing event and finally found themselves at a point where processing exactly what happened is possible should appreciate this auditory affirmation.” - Eric Dexter, Under The Gun Review.
    Following the seminal sophomore album, 'We All Need A Reason To Believe' on Columbia Records, the band chose to return I Surrender Records free of any creative confines, enlist Mark Trombino and Carlos de la Garza to produce, and ultimately craft what would become the most musically diverse and thematically ambitious record of the band’s career.
    "We were back on I Surrender Records with our friends Rob, Gaby, and Alex We felt comfortable and free to make something totally different and not be put into a box," says guitarist Brendan Walter.
    Presented in three unique vinyl variants and housed in gatefold packaging, 'Dancing With A Ghost' receives the deluxe presentation it has always demanded. The artwork has been completely reimagined by guitarist Brendan Walter, and sees the inclusion of an expanded eight-page insert and bonus 7” EP comprised of alternate version tracks. These additional songs, never released before, are taken from the original recording sessions and only available in this first time pressing.
    Also available is 'Enjoy The Fruits,' a limited-edition coffee-table book curated and designed by the band. 'Enjoy The Fruits' is a career-spanning look into the world Valencia with over 100 pages of content drawn from not only the band's personal archives, but from the archives of their families, friends, fans, and crew. The oversized coffee-table book is strictly limited to a one-time printing in a soft cover matte edition.
    “'Enjoy The Fruits' can mean many things, but mostly it forces you to stop and be grateful for what you’ve accomplished and enjoy it for a god damned second.”Taken from the forward of 'Enjoy The Fruits'
    Pre-orders for all items are available now via

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  2. tyler2tall

    Regular Supporter

    Spent $5 on this CD walking out of the Motion City/Say Anything show. Now just spent $50 on the vinyl hahah.
  3. WasteSomeTime


    Disappointed the splatter was already sold out but still glad I got one of the others
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  4. Matt504

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    Yea I waited to long for the splatter, but the tri-color is gonna be nice as well...
  5. ohitsjustrob

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    The spatter does look cool, but I’m partial to the black and clear, feels like it fits the color pallet of the album. Stoked I was able to get this though and the coffee table book. Such an underrated band and wish they kept on doing what they did. One of my favorite bands of all time.
  6. Bartek T.

    D'oh! Prestigious

    I had to google what is a "coffee table book", it makes sense I guess. Everything looks cool for sure, as for me, I'll just revisit the album soon enough.
  7. tyler2tall

    Regular Supporter

    Yup. They are one of the few bands that I will throw money at for whatever they do.
  8. WasteSomeTime


    I really do like this band a lot but feel they always came up just shy of what could have made them absolutely amazing