Underrated 2000’s Pop-Punk Playlist

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    For many of us in our mid-to-early 30’s, the 2000’s were the heyday of pop-punk music. It felt like new and exciting bands were coming out all the time and the internet was just starting to become the place to discover and talk about this genre. The other day I tossed out a question on Twitter to see what bands people considered the most underrated from those early years.

    The responses were great.

    I pulled out the ones I saw the most often and created a playlist containing, roughly in order of how often I saw the band mentioned, songs from most of the artists.1 You can find that on Apple Music and Spotify.

    If you’ve never heard some of these bands before or just want to drive down nostalgia boulevard, there’s a whole lot of early 2000’s pop-punk goodness here. I’m surprised how much of it actually holds up and I’m not surprised how many of these songs I knew every single word to. I aimed for a combination of the popular songs from the bands but defaulted to my personal favorites in a few places.

    1. Then I repeat some of the artists because I wanted to include more than one song from some of the bands, but didn’t want to double up and ruin the flow. I tried to keep everything in the 1999-2005 range, and keep it in the “underrated” category, as much as possible. Let it be on the record that Blink-182 had one vote.

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  2. LosManosFuertes

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    Nice! As soon as I saw the tweet I was hoping you’d put a playlist together! Thank you!!!!
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  3. grimis16

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    Sweet, love this. Only band/song I don't know is Treble Charger.
  4. paythetab

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    Autopilot off's "make a sound" album was criminally underrated. GREAT list here. #nostalgia
  5. Stevie


    Over It - Timing Is Everything is possibly still my fav album ever. Silverstrand was good, not a patch on TIE for me though.
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  6. DannyZach


    One of the singers was longtime Sum41's producer and manager.They kicked him out after Chuck I guess
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  7. reachingfor

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    This list is great! Love seeing two Lucky Boys songs on there.
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  8. alifetimeaway


    Signed up just to say that this playlist is amazing. I feel like I'm 16 again.
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  9. buckcheeks


    Nothing Frequency is such a jam by them!
  10. slimfenix182

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    Love that A Song For Everyone is first. It's about as perfect as a pop punk song gets for me.
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  11. DeRRek

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    Glad you put Rufio in there. Also, a song for everyone!
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  12. DeRRek

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    Haha. Just saw “ I loved the way she said L.A.” That was a tune!
  13. marceting


    Spitalfield!! Man they had some tunes
  14. ComedownMachine

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    Damn. The only song I know on this playlist is Wendy Clear.
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  15. marceting


    ~can't compute how this is possible~

    haha just kidding. These are just some staples from the early 2000's if you loved pop punk.
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  16. It’s a smash. And I’m mad it never blew up like it shoulda.
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  17. Brent

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    Needed some Slick Shoes. Loving this playlist though... will definitely jam to it on the ferry to the Vineyard tomorrow.
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  18. ComedownMachine

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    Probably because I was born in late 96 haha
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  19. Steve_JustAGuy


    I haven't thought of Riddlin Kids in a long time. This will be fun.
  20. .K.

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    Over It was really good.
    That Gob record was a poppy fun listen.
    I still put on No Motiv on occasion.
    Unwritten Law should have been on here.
    Some of these bands had a good song or two.
    Out of all these bands Blink really made it huge.
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  21. Riddlin' Kids!
  22. mmenard


    Junction 18 is amazing, as are a few others on this list....but I just cant help but feel like the inclusion of MEST ruins it all. Oh my god what a fucking nightmare of a band.
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  23. mmenard


    Listen to the Junction 18 songs! So goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
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  24. HueyLewis


    An early 2000 pop-punk list with no Ataris is a travesty! But serious, good stuff. I’d like to throw in a few Kung Fu Record bands like mi6 and The Ataris Jr. (Antifreeze).
  25. SEANoftheDEAD


    Alot of good stuff on here but I couldnt imagine if if the playlist wasnt “underrated” pop punk.

    Like this is just the underrated jams. The greatest hits of the early 2000s would be incredible.
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