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Underoath – “Damn Excuses”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 14, 2021.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. Whaaaaatt. Love it.
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  3. Orla

    right on! Prestigious

    Sounds like ground they've already tread on Disambiguation, but I'm into it.
  4. SupMikecheck


    Sick, got me more excited for my song drop next friday featuring Aaron
  5. theredline

    Regular Supporter

    Music is cool. Lyrics…kinda lackluster and whiny
  6. brandon Prestigious

    This is great
  7. reachingfor

    Regular Supporter

    So good and can’t wait for the new album! The tour dates are up on their site too. Starts in February
  8. SuNDaYSTaR


    So, so good. To be it's the perfect step in the right direction after their last album.
  9. Helloelloallo


    Heavy, but somethings not right about the production and the tones. A better overall song though than anything on the last album.
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  10. reachingfor

    Regular Supporter

    I don’t get all the hate for the last album. It got them to tour with bands they love and it has a few of my favorite songs by them. It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting after Disambiguation, but after a few listens I started to love it.
  11. Orla

    right on! Prestigious

    It’s not so much the songs themselves for me. I’m just not a fan of much of the production on Erase Me.
  12. alexbrew

    Just here for the comments

    Really enjoyed this. Lyrics might be a little one dimensional, but I think the music and heaviness makes up for it. I've been craving more heavy UO and this fits the bill for sure.