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    hey you lil piss baby

    This rules
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    hey you lil piss baby

    Also, speaking of A24 butchering releases, their decision to move Climax to March 1 means it’s coming out after the UK blu-ray, so it’ll be widely available almost a month before that release.
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    the reviews I've seen of this have me really curious to watch it.
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    I really liked it, fun movie.
  5. Mixed feelings. Loved the direction and visuals, but the script, characters, overall story... not so much. Also, I watched this whole movie not recognizing Topher Grace 'til I saw his name in the credits.
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    This movie should be called "Spiderman fucks".
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    Jesus Christ. It’s honestly a smart move at this point, imo. I saw a movie recently and was baffled that I got a trailer for this.
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    A24 seriously fucked this. I would be livid if I were Mitchell/anyone who worked on this.
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    Maybe he’ll go back to making horror films
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    Interesting that they thought this movie was actually good.
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  13. Morrissey


    This entire movie can be encapsulated by the scene where the camera focuses on human excrement in a toilet bowl.
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    This is such a shameless rip off of Inherent Vice it's insane. Even the score is almost the same.

    That said, I didn't totally hate it. Andrew Garfields character is totally unlikeable, literally every female character is just there to look hot, get naked and/or fuck Garfield and it's really just kind of dumb, but halfway through I started to kind of get into it. The scene with the songwriter was goofy but pretty entertaining, and the "answer" to the mystery is actually a pretty interesting idea.
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    Like maybe A24 buried this release just so they wouldn't get sued for plagiarism
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    just saw this , and honestly? I absolutely loved it. Garfield did a great job playing an unlikeable fuck boy. Loved the score, loved the direction, loved the mystery. Thinking back on all the weirdness, i think it works well that everything is about him getting over a breakup, especially the pop music scene.
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