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Uncharted (Ruben Fleischer; March 5, 2021) Movie

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Joe, Mar 2, 2020.

  1. It sounds like this movie is finally happening now after being in development hell for years.

    Directed by Ruben Fleischer.
    Written by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway (at least the most recent draft)

    Starring Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Sophia Ali, Tati Gabrielle, and Antonio Banderas.

    Antonio Banderas Joins Tom Holland in ‘Uncharted’ Movie (EXCLUSIVE)
  2. blast0rama

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    I'll be damned.

  3. Anthony_

    A (Cancelled) Dork Prestigious

  4. Nice to see it's actually happening.
  5. colorlesscliche

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    Most successful video game movie?
  6. What's the most successful one currently? Detective Pikachu?
  7. colorlesscliche

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    Warcraft (2016) - $439 Million
    Detective Pikachu (2019) - $433 Million
    Rampage (2018) - $428 Million
    The Angry Birds Movie (2016) - $352 Million
    Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time (2010) - $336 Million

    then two RE movies, two Tomb Raider movies, and Sonic round out the top 10.
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  8. Anthony_

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    Best quality or most successful?

    If we're talking best quality, I think it's probably still Mortal Kombat right? Like Mortal Kombat is actually a legit good movie. Although Detective Pikachu is up there. And Sonic was decent.
  9. I think it has a pretty good chance of surpassing $439m, assuming the theater-going experience is safe and back to normal when this comes out.

    As far as quality, I enjoyed both Sonic and Pikachu of the movies mentioned. Loved MK as a kid, but I haven't seen it in so long, so I'm not sure how it holds up. Sounds like I should give it a rewatch.
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  10. Tim

    we must be nothing less than fabulous Prestigious

    Detective Pikachu was good. The most recent Tomb Raider was vanilla but pretty decent, imo; interested in what comes next there.

    I cannot be convinced that I should watch Sonic.
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  11. CarpetElf

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    From the director of Gangster Squad and the writers of Punisher: War Zone does not leave me feeling confident about this one.
  12. Tim

    we must be nothing less than fabulous Prestigious

    Punisher: War Zone fucking rules, though. That & the first Iron Man are the two good films they’re credited on. (A few of those other films, though...)
  13. Tim

    we must be nothing less than fabulous Prestigious

    (Though, in Sony’s eyes, this is actually from the director of Venom & the star of Spider-Man: Far From Home, lol. Also, those writers worked on one of the scripts for Morbius & are writing the Kraven movie J.C. Chandor is developing. Very much so Sony trying to build another blockbuster franchise using all their Marvel tools, lol.)
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  14. Anthony_

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    also from the director of Venom, which, woof
  15. CarpetElf

    point gawd Prestigious

    Yeah, somehow that is still one of his better ones haha
  16. Serh

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    supposedly sully

  17. Anthony_

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  18. phaynes12

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  19. flask