U.S. Highball – Think Again

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    The warm jangle-pop of U.S. Highball is refreshing. Think Again, the duo’s first EP, almost feels like a lost tape from the ’90s recently discovered and released today. It’s saccharine and sincere in a way that indie pop rarely seems to be anymore; not to mention that it’s also extremely catchy.

    The band takes a risk in turning seminal punk band Television’s “Venus” into a dreamy pop ballad, a move that should spell complete disaster. Instead, it’s the best song on the album. The deadpan vocals add a feeling of disarming innocence to the track, and it’s nearly impossible not to sing along.

    The EP’s other two tracks run in the same vein, quiet drum machine-driven pop. Think Again ends up being a satisfying listen, but a tantalizingly brief one – it’s only barely longer than ten minutes. Fortunately, the band’s debut LP is slated for early 2019, and if it’s as good as Think Again, it should be a gem. We can only hope it’s longer.