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Two Thirds of Green Day Team Up With Joan Jett

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 24, 2016.

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    Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong and Tré Cool played a set at the Tribeca Film Festival over the weekend. They teamed up with Joan Jett for a pretty awesome cover of “Bad Reputation.” They were celebrating the premiere of the new film, Geezer, which Billie Joe is starring in.Some videos from the performance can be found below.

    Set List

    1. Devil’s Kind
    2. Scattered
    3. American Idiot
    4. Bad Reputation
    5. Ordinary World

  2. klaszlogt


    Cool mash-up there. I'm so stoked they played Scattered though. That my absolute favorite Green Day deep-cut, and I saw them play it once in Atlanta in like ~2011ish? Something like that. Anyway, great song.
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  3. btr

    Trusted Supporter

    That Nimrod deep-cut, though... Dying for a Green Day tour at this point.
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  4. FrankieThe4th

    things have never been stranger Prestigious

    For what it's worth (admittedly very little), Green Day has been a four-piece since 2012.
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  5. tyler2tall

    Trusted Supporter

    Two thirds or two quarters?
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  7. Dirty Sanchez

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    Doesn't he still have his illness?
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  8. FrankieThe4th

    things have never been stranger Prestigious

    He's been recovering from tonsil cancer. It does raise the question as to how involved he'll be in the next album/tour cycle, though.
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  9. tyler2tall

    Trusted Supporter

  10. Oh, I know he's "officially" a member.
  11. clockwise


    He was in some press pictures for the trilogy. I just get the impression he doesn't like the spotlight. Also I believe he's recovered from cancer and just put out an awesome record with his side project, California.

    But regardless, I was there for this and it was bananas.
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  12. ChaseTx

    Big hat enthusiast Prestigious

    Apparently they also played with Rhett Miller of Old 97s

  13. bd007h's resident Meg Myers fan #GoSabres/Bills

    I'm still holding out hope for some new Network, Foxboro Hot Tubs or Pinhead Gunpowder at some point.
  14. Whatjuliansaid

    News on once the clouds are gone. Prestigious

    How the hell do I never ever know about these things?!? :tear: