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Twitter Remains Broken

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 25, 2016.

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    Aleen Mean, writing on her blog, on how in spite of the new features Twitter keeps rolling out, it remains broken in one glaring way: it’s too easy to abuse people on the service.

    Time and time again, we’ve been told that the company is working on making things better for targets of harassment. What we see, however, are half-baked enhancements designed to make the service more appealing to advertisers and attempts at enticing new users. Many people have suggested changes they could implement to curb abuse. For example, Randi Lee Harper’s list of suggestions from earlier this year is still on-point.

  2. Ryan

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    It's a cesspool of negative, I abandoned it because of that
  3. Kizwiz


    5. Allow users to not show their tweets to unauthenticated users. If I’ve got someone blocked, they can easily see my tweets by logging out or opening an incognito browser window.

    Can't you already just put your profile on private? The option Protect My Tweet states: "Only current followers and people you approve in the future will be able to see your Tweets."
  4. paperlung

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    Private is when only people who follow you can see your tweets, and your tweets cannot be retweeted. They're proposing a second option in between private and public where you have to have an account and be logged in to view tweets.
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  5. Kizwiz


    Thanks for clearing that up. So she wants that feature for privacy but also wants the ability to see tweets from users she's blocked (#13)? It just sounds like a looped mess.

    Some of the suggestions are good, but some are just ridiculous - like filtering out hashtags/trends? If they appear on your timeline, can you not just scroll by? Or mute that individual's tweets concering it? It's like me moaning about posts for postikg about bands I don't care for. Quality filter also sounds like an invasion of privacy (Tweet Activity is more than adequate enough), as does #21 where a protected user may not want unauthorised people tweeting them. Facebook rightfully does the same. I don't see why she has to see all Favs/RTs of a tweet too. You can do so on your own tweets at least.

    They may just be mere suggestions, but implementing all these features will probably make Twitter more complicated for the price of mere convenience. Twitter is far from broken. Facebook may still be thriving, but pretty much everyone I know uses that for videos/memes posted by groups, whilst Twitter does the same but has a lot more personal statuses nowadays (but that's my experience with a younger adolescent demographic).
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  6. Tweetbot lets you mute hashtags really easily. Doesn't hurt the product at all - it makes it better.