Twitter Launches New Design

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    Twitter has a new web interface:

    The social network has started rolling out a previously teased web redesign that, for starters, boasts a much simpler look — the three-column view is gone in favor of a simpler (not to mention more vivid) two-column layout. It’s thankfully about more than cosmetics, even if it doesn’t have everything users might like.

  2. Arry

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    interesting that they're using flyout for the emojis, i rather have an expanded emoji panel.. idk i think i'm just biased against modals (or is it a modeless box) but i think i would rather have the tweet box expanded rather an overlay.. but whatever i never use the desktop version anyway, other than tweet deck
  3. Damien Davies

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    I like it but would've preferred the timeline on the right rather than the left.
  4. This looks like 2009 Twitter