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Twitter CEO Promises to Crack Down on Hate, Violence and Harassment

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 16, 2017.

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    Matthew Panzarino, writing for TechCrunch:

    “We decided to take a more aggressive stance in our rules and how we enforce them,” Dorsey says. “New rules around: unwanted sexual advances, non-consensual nudity, hate symbols, violent groups, and tweets that glorifies violence. These changes will start rolling out in the next few weeks. More to share next week.”


  2. oakhurst

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    I wish. Maybe most of the far-left and far-right trolls will be banned.
  3. Yeah, one is screaming for universal healthcare and to stop the murder of black people and the other is screaming for genocide ... both really grind my gears. :-|
  4. oakhurst

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    Are you generalizing?
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  5. Hunter Norman


    Obviously, the hate and utter garbage from the alt right massively outweighs any counter-productive and hateful rhetoric from the left, but you can't deny the fact that there are some far left-leaning users that are using their platform to spew hate and call for violence as well. Just because I'm a liberal doesn't mean I want everyone on my side sinking to the same level by calling for violence and hate of the other side.
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  7. I think the differences are monumental. For one, the hatred of Nazis is justified and calling it "the same level" is a horrifically dangerous false equivalence.
  8. Elder Lightning

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    On the left, this is a miniscule, fringe group denounced by the majority on the left.

    On the right, these calls are effectively lead by the leader of the party and the president of the country, and generally embraced by his followers.
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  9. Hunter Norman


    Disgust for Nazis is absolutely justified, that goes without saying. I'm also not, by any means, putting them on the same level. I never said that. However, they both exist. It does nothing for our case when we have the same actions on our side as the actions of those we take issue with. I'm just saying there are absolutely cases on each and every end of the spectrum that need to be tended to. Twitter needs to seriously put up or shut up in this case, as they always are fast to make a statement but slow to act. Case and point: Our president still has his account.
  10. mercury

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    hot take: there are probably more people denouncing "leftist trolls" than there are actual leftist trolls
  11. Hunter Norman


    On the right, that's true. On the left, it's far from a fringe group. There are people knowingly posting fake articles and photos which equates our arguments to theirs. People calling for assassination and violence in a much-supported arena. I see incredibly disturbing things in my corner as well, while yes, it's far from on the same level or to the same degree. The right has the numbers here, but these rules do need to go into effect across the board.
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  12. dylan

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    oh, so it's gonna be one of those threads, huh?
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  13. You wrote, and I quote: "sinking to the same level." And, make the same argument again:

    And, I reject the idea that they're equivalent. Nazis and those that hate nazis are not "the same actions."
  14. Elder Lightning

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    This is a much bigger and more nuanced argument than I'm willing to get into here, but when I'm talking about those on the left, I'm excluding those who speak of pointed uses of violence as a means to free themselves from their oppressors because their other methods of activism have not seen results.
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  15. Hunter Norman


    When we use the same ploys (fake articles, calls for violence) then we are sinking to the same level. That's common sense. I said the AMOUNTS of people are not on the same level. There are obviously far more people doing this on the right. I just said don't act like they're are no cases of this on the left. Also hate = hate, so there are more productive methods to do better. On that note, I give up. Feel free to ban my account since that's usually what happens about now.
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  16. St. Nate

    من النهر إلى البحر Prestigious

    I just very much dislike it when my hatred for racism is compared to hatred for me existing.
  17. Hunter Norman


    That's far from my point. There are plenty of very well-to-do, far from oppressed elitists on the left that call for violence regularly. You're creating a completely unrelated argument from my statement.
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  18. justin.

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    Maybe it’s just because of the people I follow but I never see far-left or far-right comments on Twitter.

    My news feed is full of bands, actors, and art.
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  19. littlejohn

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    calling for violence against people supporting genocide is not the same level as calling for genocide.
  20. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

    When he bans the orange buffoon for a day for the hate he spews, I'll believe him.
  21. Hunter Norman


    I completely agree. Hatred for racism is 100% justified all around. But it doesn't help when we try to ally ourselves with others and they make our argument that much harder by trying to elicit a violent reaction to equally violent actors
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  22. littlejohn

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    so you have to be oppressed to call for equality?

    I'm not oppressed so I should just let all those oppressed people speak for themselves?

    the people that don't have a voice need people that can recognize that and speak for them until they have their voice.
  23. CoffeeEyes17

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    They say if you mention the word "nazi" on any forum a bunch of "both sides r bad" idiots will pop up. so far that claim seems to hold a lot of water

    yeah i'll believe the whole "we're cracking down on hate, twitter is a safe space!" thing when i see it. as of right now there are actual genocide believing nazis on twitter meanwhile people are getting perma bans for saying "bitch titty"
  24. Elder Lightning

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    This is not something I've seen, certainly not regularly.
  25. littlejohn

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    "Death to the black race"

    is not equal to

    "Death to nazis"