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Twitter Apparently Suspends Music Accounts Over Track List Leak

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 27, 2017.

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    Brooklyn Vegan:

    Twitter accounts for The FADER, Pigeons & Planes, 2DopeBoyz, and HipHop-N-More all appeared as suspended simultaneously today. Navjosh, editor of HipHop-N-More, explained that the suspensions were because Atlantic Records filed complaints with Twitter after the sites posted the track list to Young Thug’s new album, Beautiful Thugger Girls, before its release.

    This is absurd if true.

  2. Muzick


    Why is this absurd? Isn't it a good thing that companies are taking any sort of leak seriously? Looking at Atlantic's side, it's their information/data to share when they want, how they want.
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  3. TJ Wells

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    I believe the absurd side of this is the things Twitter won't suspend accounts for but this they do.
  4. It's a track listing. Nazis are on Twitter.

    It's a track listing.

    It's a track listing.
  5. KyleK

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    Just illustrates where their corporate priorities are. You can have your life threatened, your family's lives threatened, receive hate speech, etc., but don't you dare release an album's track listing before a label gets to unveil it in their own way! Good grief. As if this will somehow lose them money aside from whatever they'd wasted on some overwrought release strategy.
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  6. workingmandan


    This is ridiculous, Twitter really needs to get their priorities straight.
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  7. Signifire

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    The weird thing about this is that the album had close to zero promotion regardless of that. weird that they'd cause a fuss over a project that seemingly they didn't care too much about.
  8. aranea

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    money rules everything around us
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  9. twisterman2006

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    Jeez. Twitter can’t get its fucking priorities straight.
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  10. theredline

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  11. Craig Manning

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    God, Twitter sucks.