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Twenty One Pilots Celebrate 10-Years of ‘Vessel’

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 9, 2023.

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    Twenty One Pilots have released a limited edition 10-year anniversary vinyl boxset for Vessel.

    GRAMMY® Award winning duo Twenty One Pilots celebrate a decade of their seminal multiplatinum Fueled By Ramen debut album with the release of the  Vessel 10 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Boxset. The limited one-time pressing includes a stunning candy-style deluxe box set housing a double-LP (140g) with printed sleeves and tri-fold jackets as well as a lenticular insert and faux-Polaroid photos. Side A and Side B comprised the original album tracklisting. Side C includes four showstopping live songs recorded Live At The LC during a rapturous hometown gig at The LC Pavilion in Columbus, OH. Meanwhile, Side D includes songs initially released on the independent favorite Regional At Best: 
    “forest,” “glowing eyes,” “kitchen sink,” and “lovely”
    To accompany the Vessel 10 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Boxset, Twenty One Pilots have unveiled a new Vessel 10 Year merch collection. Inspired by the album artwork and era of the band’s history, the drop consists of t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts. The capsule is available now on the band's official store for fans to shop.
    The band celebrated the anniversary yesterday, January 8th (10 years to the exact date of Vessel’s initial release) with a special three hour 10th Anniversary Variety Stream live on YouTube where the band revisited archived never before seen footage, shared memories, and entertained fans with games and spontaneous ukulele performances of tracks from the Vessel era – 
    watch it HERE The livestream also included a charity component, collecting donations for the Make-A-Wish Foundation which raised over $45,000.00 throughout the stream broadcast.
    Vessel marked a monumental moment in the trajectory of Twenty One Pilots. All of the original edition’s tracks achieved at least a Gold certification from the RIAA, later enshrining them as “the first group or artist to achieve this feat with two separate albums. Among many standouts, it boasted the double-platinum “Car Radio,” platinum “House of Gold,” and more. In retrospect, 
    KERRANG! placed it at #1 when ranking their albums thus far, hailing it as “pretty damn faultless”and attesting, “It’s no wonder that Twenty One Pilots have gone on to have one of the most fiercely dedicated, passionate fanbases on the planet. Rating it “4.5-out-of-5 stars” upon initial arrival,  Alternative Press declared, “their songs just signed a long-term lease in your brain. It codified their signature genre alchemy, weaving together alternative, electronic, hip-hop, rock, and indie into the soundtrack for the future.

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  2. WadeCastle


    I grew out of this band SO fast. By blurryface I was out. I thought they were so cool and innovative in the beginning and now they sound like every other band. It’s crazy how fast that went!
  3. thechetearly


    ! I think they’re still absolutely crushing it. Loved all of their releases, although I still don’t get the appeal of buying vinyl for albums that were almost entirely created with no organic instruments. But I’m pretty sure I’m somewhat alone in that opinion.
  4. CampfireColorado


    To each their own. But if you didn't give trench a shot, I would highly recommend it. To me it's a huge leap forward from blurryface and a great album.
  5. KyleK

    Let's get these people moving faster! Supporter

    I imagine it's an important distinction between people who specifically buy and listen to vinyl for how it sounds vs. other mediums, and those that more generally tactile ownership of the album. Personally I probably lean more towards the latter, and don't necessarily fixate on it sounding better/different from digital, but that I listen to the records more intentionally, can appreciate the album art more, support the artists, etc.
  6. WadeCastle


    we got it in early at my old job and we were playing it over the store and i literally thought it was maroon 5 until someone told me it was 21pilots. for me there is nothing unique about what made them stand out in the beginning. It sounded like any other pop rock band and that's no slight to maroon 5, i love their early albums. but for me its like, we already have a maroon 5, why does 21P sound like this now? maybe its just me but it sounded like all current radio pop rock bands.