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Twenty One Pilots – “Ride” Video

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. ianzandi


    It's crazy that they could still release Fairly Local and Lane Boy to radio and have some more hit singles through the next year. Heathens is also still catching on
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  3. So solid. I've never seen anything like that drum set trick before
  4. "Heathens" is doing great. 3 top 30 tracks simultaneously! I'd kill for "Lane Boy" to blow up like "Ride" has, though.
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  5. ncarrab

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    Weird they'd release a live video for a song that already has an original video. Didn't the original Ride video come out last summer?
  6. ianzandi


    Yeah I'm pretty sure it came out before they got super popular though. They are also currently on tour and put on a unique show so it's a great way to entice fans to see it for themselves
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  7. Eric Wilson

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    Such a good video. So ready for their show next month.
  8. This video release could also help the song's continued push up the charts. "Ride" hit a new peak of #6 on the Hot 100 yesterday.
  9. Honeymagnolia

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    I would love to release Polarize as a single. I feel that would do really well as it is a ear worm.
  10. I tried to listen to this band's record and couldn't get into it. That drummer is rad though. Loves himself some Travis Barker, I see.
  11. dp619

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    Live video is from the Blurryface Live show they released on Palladium back in January. Good show if you can find it.
  12. alexbrew

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    Definitely one of the best bands to see live still touring these days!
  13. ncarrab

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    It's funny, I saw them live like 7 times in 2012 and 2013 but haven't seen them live since they blew up. Largest show I saw them play was at the LC in Columbus (their hometown) in front of 5,000 in April of 2013. Most of the shows I saw them at were like 250-500 people in attendance. I can't imagine what it'd be like to see them in a 20K arena now.
  14. NewSurrender

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    At the concert I saw them at earlier this year, We Don't Believe What's On TV was a big crowd favourite. That could be a solid single choice. They didn't play Fairly Local live at all in the set I saw
  15. SamLevi11

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    Man these are so good live, I need to see them again, only a month until they sub-headline the second stage at Reading Festival!
  16. dp619

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    Saw them a couple months ago in Pittsburgh. They opened the set with Fairly Local (kind of - didnt play the full song) then went right into HeavyDirtySoul
  17. ncarrab

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    The one thing that has always bothered me about Twenty One Pilots performing live was when they'd wear the skeleton masks. Seems cheesy.