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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by DaydreamNation, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. DaydreamNation

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    Their mid-2000s stuff is top-notch and this performance still gives me chills:

  2. phaynes1


    DLZ still classic
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  3. Shmeremy

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    Only been able to see this band live twice but the last time was right after Nine Types of Light and "Repetition" just straight into "Wolf Like Me" was maybe the best 12 minutes of live music I've ever seen.
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    Had to bump this thread. There is a seriously alarming lack of TVotR discussion on this website.

    Been revisiting their discography a ton lately. As about as solid as you can find.

    Return to Cookie Mountain should be a cult classic around these parts.
  6. arewhyayein

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    young liarrrrrrrrrssssss
  7. primavera

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    hoping for something from them in 2018
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  8. Aregala

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    was Seeds any good?

    still haven't listened to that one
  9. NJPunkMusic


    I actually really enjoy Seeds. defiently worth a listen
  10. primavera

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    yes it’s good