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Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Mar 5, 2021.

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    Mitchell Clark, writing at The Verge:

    It’s rare that apps come back from the dead, but it seems like that may be what’s happening with, a site that let users create their own radio stations and DJ sets with music they curated before it got shuttered in 2013. Even rarer, it seems like there are two versions involved in the revival: the original site is back up and running (with the involvement of its original founder, Billy Chasen), but there’s also, which will reportedly be launching in beta this April.


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    One of my best friends met a guy through Turntable, and they got married and now have a 6 year old child. They told Turntable about it and they sent my friend a onesie
  3. bmir14

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    this is so cool (as is the above post)
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  4. xenoabe


    Oh man, loved that site!
  5. dorfmac


    PPRAE making a comeback?
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  6. DanDan80


    Say, how smart is it to duplicate a site, an experience from a previous decade? Why not take it to the current era as did?
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