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Turnstile - Time & Space (February 23, 2018) Album • Page 11

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by MattNCheeze, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. Dog Fish

    soups up

    leave it to Delonge to introduce me to a new band. Listened through the 3/4 song EP and loved loved loved it. Am I setting myself up for disappointment with their previous couple records?
  2. imthesheriff

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    I could easily see them have a song that becomes huge on alternative radio stations.
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  3. No. They’ve added new flourishes to their core sound over time but they more or less haven’t changed much, just gotten a lot better. Time & Space is incredible
  4. marceting


    As a reminder, this band opened for New Found Glory and some hardcore folks wanted to turn their back on this band because of that. The dumbest shit lol NFG has a hardcore background and basically invented easycore.
  5. Rumors of a late August release for a new album
  6. Damn, even Adam Devine is a fan of these guys haha.
  7. This is one of those bands that has reach beyond their genre for sure. Some of the best at what they do
  8. trevorshmevor Jul 8, 2021
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    Damn, that’d be way sooner than I expected!
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  9. mattfreaksmeout

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    I’m so stoked they announced a show here, and if there’s a whole new album out it’s going to be even more awesome
  10. MexicanGuitars

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  11. Micah511

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    The EP feels like a very natural progression from Time and Space. Overall Time and Space might be a little more aggressive than the EP, but if you liked the EP it's hard to imagine you wouldn't like Time and Space.
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  12. Some member reactions lol. Glad they know about it.
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  13. MattNCheeze


    in the back of my dodge caravannnnnn
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  14. MattNCheeze Jul 9, 2021
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    now only if these guys would play stress on tour I can die a happy man
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  15. mattylikesfilms


    Love that song
  16. irthesteve

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    any idea of the EP songs are standalone or will be part of the album?
  17. AWasteOfATime

    @awasteofatime Supporter

    LP is called Glow On coming out 8/27, rumor has it. assuming some ep will be on it
  18. 333 GANG


  19. So soon. Love it
  20. Nice so soon
  21. Got the braindead crew
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  22. flask

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    My body physically wouldn’t let me drop $56 on a T-shirt.
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  23. stvvvn

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    same lol. wanted the nalgene but 35 is crazy
  24. mattylikesfilms


    I had the shirt in my cart and hesitated to check out since the total was ridiculous for just a shirt. A few minutes later I decided I did want it and it sold out lol

    Maybe someone will eventually resell it on Depop or something.
  25. stvvvn

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