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Tumblr Is Explicitly Banning Hate Speech

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 28, 2018.

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    Shannon Liao, writing for The Verge:

    Tumblr is changing its community guidelines to more explicitly ban hate speech, glorifying violence, and revenge porn. The new rules go into effect on September 10th.

    “It’s on all of us to create a safe, constructive, and empowering environment,” Tumblr writes in its blog post. “Our community guidelines need to reflect the reality of the internet and social media today.”

  2. irthesteve

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    A+ move
  3. oakhurst

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    I wonder what exactly falls under tumblr's hate speech criteria.
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  4. Jason Tate Aug 28, 2018
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    From the linked piece:
    Don’t encourage violence or hatred. Don’t post content for the purpose of promoting or inciting the hatred of, or dehumanizing, individuals or groups based on race, ethnic or national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, disability or disease. If you encounter content that violates our hate speech policies, please report it.
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  5. Jonathan

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    Not trolling: do people still use Tumblr? I haven't seen someone link to Tumblr in forever, feels like someone linking to LiveJournal.
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  6. popdisaster00

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    Alexa rankings has it at #24 in terms of most-trafficked websites in the US
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  7. Sean Murphy

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    meanwhile Jack(ass) over at twitter is more concerned with giving freedom of speech to racists and nazis.
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  8. Jonathan

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  9. supernovagirl

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    I still use it, and I feel like it's still largely popular with younger crowds because its the one social media their parents aren't on
  10. Pooch


    And ISIS, which blows my mind
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  11. Jonathan

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    That explains it, I'm 34.
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  12. Iamhollywood315


    The only people that still use tumbl are teenagers with neon hair
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  13. supernovagirl

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    ...I’m 27.

    The crowd is primarily younger on there though for sure
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  14. Jonathan

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    I promise I don't mean this as a diss… but I still consider 27 fairly young. Actually 27 may have been the last time (around) when I even logged into Tumbr.

    I don't disagree either, I'm sure there's plenty of people my age who still use it, but I'm struggling to think of any of my friends (who are my age) who still do.
  15. supernovagirl

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    no I hear you haha I just thought both of you were assuming I was more in the "stereotypical" target age of tumblr and I'm not.
    I can't imagine I will be using it in 7 years when I'm your age but I mean I guess you never know hahah
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  16. PureBlueSF

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    but muh freedum of speech!!!!!!!!!!11111

    /obvious sarcasm
  17. Jonathan

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    Who knows, maybe I'll be back on Tumblr in 7 years.
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