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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by iCarly Rae Jepsen, Mar 14, 2019.

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  2. spiffa0

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    Lol show was great what an idiot
  3. MexicanGuitars

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    2 eps in this is great. The visual gags are Bojack on steriods. (Not trying to rate it one against the other, just an observation and satiating my fill until BJHM season 6 lol).
  4. OotyPa May 16, 2019
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    Thats funny you said that because I watched the first episode and described the visual style to my girlfriend as “bojack horseman on 30 lines of coke” lol
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  5. Drew Beringer

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    This is one of the best first seasons of television I’ve ever watched
  6. tdlyon

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    This obviously doesn't come close to Bojack but I don't really think it's trying to be the same thing at all. Although it starts pretty rough (legit didn't like the first episode) it really won me over by the end, both of the leads absolutely bring (especially Wong) and the jokes become pretty great. Liked when it got semi-serious at points too
  7. K0ta

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    I have 1 episode left to watch and this show is a ride. I think the animation and music is brilliant, like the way they animate certain sequences and layer in the music with it is just so freaking creative. It also tackles some pretty hard topics and does it so tastefully, honestly I'm impressed and stoked to see a show that feels insanely real about two 30 year old women. I can't help but relate to so much of it.
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  8. Bane

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    Just finished the season, that was great and I'm hoping for a second season. 1st episode is definitely the weakest even though I still liked it, but that's cool that it gets better from there. Really like how connected the last few episodes are.
  9. this is so funny to me
  10. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  11. relatable grocery store experience tbh
  12. spiffa0

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    This show is so good and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise
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  14. :(

  15. oh my god!
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    getting what we deserve!!!!
  20. Bane

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    Netflix woulda THOUGHT
  21. Maybevictor

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    The show really hit a stride towards the end of the first season, I’m really excited to see where it goes.
  22. can't believe cable saved a show from streaming's cancellation
  23. brothemighty


    bizarro world

    I guess Lazzo really is gone
  24. riotspray

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    gonna have to finally watch this now. I'm a Bojack stan so it's crazy I haven't gotten to this yet, but now I have one more reason to start
  25. tdlyon

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    Don't go in expecting it to be at all similar honestly

    Bojack is one of my favorite shows ever but this was just okay imo. They're entirely different kinds of shows outside of the art style
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