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Trump Withdraws U.S. From Paris Climate Agreement

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 1, 2017.

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    The New York Times:

    The president’s decision was a victory for Stephen K. Bannon, his chief strategist, and Scott Pruitt, his Environmental Protection Agency administrator, both of whom had argued forcefully to abandon the global agreement in favor of a clean break that would clear the way for a new environmental approach.

    What an absolute disgrace.

  2. Mr. Serotonin

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  3. Elder Lightning

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    Where's the vomit emoji when you need it?
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  4. Carlos


    Things you wont hear people saying. There are just as many environmental scientists out there which disagree with the presumed climate change narrative. Also the Paris agreement hurts many third world countries. Strict industrialized sectors and work get moved and outsourced to third world countries. Which third world countries are the leading contributors carbon emissions. So either have America, lose many jobs, and be a reason why the third world is going to be a polluted hell hole, or keep the jobs and still be a low to mid tier contributor to pollution. The pollution doesnt stop, it just gets moved else where.
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  5. Elder Lightning

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    You're right, you won't be hearing people say these things. Because they're utter fucking nonsense.
  6. Steve_JustAGuy


  7. theredline

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    Thanks to The Flash/Star Trek messing with time we now live in the Covfefe Timeline. So sad.
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  8. tyramail

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    Every time I think I can't hate him anymore, I get proven wrong.
  9. jpmalone4

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    Still is for me at
  11. jpmalone4

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    HOLY HELL THIS IS REAL!? That's great haha
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  12. CarpetElf

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    It is?
  13. earthlight

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    I went to school for meteorology and study it every day post-grad while maintaining a business for 6 years now. I can tell you personally that this is absolutely incorrect. Climate change is inherently a fact -- the Earth goes through cyclical changes and has done so throughout the entirety of its time as a planet. The vast majority of our field of atmospheric sciences understands this. There are internally differences in thinking (such as the impact of c02 on the actual process of cyclical temperature changes, etc).

    There is also almost zero denying that humans are accelerating this cycle of change by polluting the planet. This has been researched hundreds if not thousands of times. The scientific method is what it is for a reason -- it helps us define what is a fact. And this is a fact. You can deny the digits, decimals, percentages. But if you are spending time denying that humans are accelerating the warming of the planet during this cycle of climate change, you are spending time being wrong. It's really that simple.

    We'd all be better off putting politics and finances aside and trying to find a middle ground. We are literally wasting time every single day and decreasing the chances that this planet will be a better place for future generations.
  14. oakhurst

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    This is saddening. The longer it takes for the people in power to finally change their mind on climate change, the closer we get to the point of no return.
  15. Arry

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    just feel so defeated reading a lot of these headlines.. really grasping the hope that the tide turns during midterms.
  16. theredline

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    I actually agree that looking at renegotiating isn't a terrible idea. A renegotiation stance instead of straight pulling out would have been at least some better. But to be so gung-ho about fossil fuel is silly. There are 6x more jobs in renewables vs fossil. If he really cared about jobs he'd be going in that direction. But we know he doesn't care. And for him to feign anything else is laughable.
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  17. It can't be "renegotiated." All the main countries already said that, and for good reason - there's no reason to with how the accord was structured. The idea of "renegotiating" this is stupid.
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  18. theredline

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    I guess if we can't then that's that. I'm definitely no expert but from what I've ready it sounds like our investment is more then a lot of other countries and some of the terms are stricter on us then others. But I agree to pull out is ridiculous.
  19. Colin Your Enthusiasm

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    Well it was an agreement not a contract so it's flexible. A pledge with the other countries. The rest of the world did a collective facepalm today.
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  20. disambigujason

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    I haven't read the agreement myself and don't know all the terms, but given our massively disproportional contribution to the problem compared to most countries on earth I would hope we've gotta do more of the work.
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  21. theredline

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    I was kinda thinking that might have been part of it too. And as is always the case after I read some fact checking articles, a lot of the points he made seem to be a lot of fabrications and lies.
  23. Yellowcard2006


    Really starting to regret voting for him

    Just kidding I don't regret it...

    jk again I didn't vote for him

    Honestly this is terrible.
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