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    True. I am very excited about him headlining this.

    I have to give it to the Season 2 actors though - I thought for the most part they all turned in compelling performances. It was everything going on around them and sometimes what they were saying that let them down. Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn were great, and Rachel McAdams was fantastic in what felt like a wasted part to me. I think it would have been a good choice to focus on just Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn's characters, just those two similar to how Season 1 really focused on McConnaughey and Harrelson's characters, with one on each side of the law this time. Rachel McAdams needed a whole season of her own.
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    Jeremy Sauliner being involved has me hopefull, I feel like he wouldn’t get involved if he didn’t like what he was directing since he’s been doing very well on his own. He was supposed to direct half the season but then only ended up doing the first two though so idk
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    Taylor Kitsch was so fucking boring that I think everyone forgets he was one of the main characters
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    Honestly I forget almost everything from season 2
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    Brother Beck


    HA - this is kind of true. I did remember him it was just that I literally had nothing to say about him. I don't think he's s very strong actor and also his role kinda suffered from the same thing as Rachel McAdams' role. The season should have focused on only two of them and saved the other two and their corresponding storylines for another season. I remember being particularly dissappointed in the stuff with Rachel McAdams' charcter's father played by David Morse not going anywhere and being totally underexplored.

    I don't think Taylor Kitsch is a terrible actor but I do not think he's leading man material. No charisma whatsoever. He's one of those guys like Sam Worthington who inexplicably kept getting picked as the lead in stuff despite very obviously not being leading man material and just not having the chops.
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    It was kind of funny seeing how Jeremy Saulnier talked about this in his recent AMA. Someone asked if Macon Blair was in it and he said no and that’s probably why it was such a bad experience.
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    Ugh, looks so good.
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    tentatively in. love Ali, McNairy and Dominik but man does Nick Pizzalotto suck
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    Just started reading The Conspiracy Against the Human Race after re-watching S1 in it's entirety.

    Rust Cohle is one of my favorite TV characters of all time and apparently the philosophy in that book was a huge inspiration for Nic Pizzolatto when writing the show.
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    Didnt Pizzolatto straight up steal excerpts of that book for Rust's dialogue?
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    Had not heard that. That'd be weak. I guess I'll see soon.
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    ....He had to convince him of that?

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    I know Pizzolatto is a fuck but that article definitely feels clickbaity. The story takes place in the past in rural Arkansas and its reasonable to be skeptical of a black lead cop existing in that kind of setting. I get the feeling this is what Ali is trying to say rather than out Pizzolatto as having racist tendencies.
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    Ahh, thank you for the clarity. I did that modern internet thing where I read the clickbaity headline and not the article because I didn’t have the time to read it yet and thus I’ve developed a misinformed response.
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    Totally feel you lol. Too many pieces of shit out there, it gets exhausting to read full articles and keep informed.
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    I’m checking out the premiere on 12/18. Getting excited.
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