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    I honestly have no idea how it works, but do these outlets not get advanced screeners, similar to film?
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    That's a good point. If that's the case, I'll retract the comment about it being released in less than 12 hours but I'll keep the part about the "review" being 75% just plot recapping, which I still think is lazy and worthless.
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    Totally agree, that always irks me as well. I little recapping is fine and necessary when you have to reference certain scenes, shots, and dialogue. But I read reviews to get a different perspective other than my own, not to be told what I just watched.
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    I had trouble finding good analysis of the episodes from this season - basically all I could find were glorified plot summaries as is being mentioned. I would say the 75% figure is even generous for what I was finding.
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    Sadly, this type of review is becoming more and more common.
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    It's because the internet/people need instant gratification and justification in their feelings.

    If I can't go online and back up my opinion the moment the credits roll, what am I even still alive for?
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    The Ringer has a pretty good one breaking down the racial aspects of the season and how they kind of drop the ball on covering it in a meaningful way, but even with that one I would have loved for it to dig deeper.

    And I think it’s common for shows like this to send out a few episodes before they premiere to get some early reviews and comments, but I don’t think they typically get the whole thing in advance because of spoilers and such. I’m not positive for this specific one though.
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    I want to say I remember hearing that journalists got the first 4 episodes to watch ahead of time for early reviews, but I could be mistaken on that exact number... I do remember that it was not the entire season though. Then I wasn't sure about going forward though if journalists got those last few episodes early or if they just watched them when the rest of us did...
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    I remember reading that too. I think one I saw was three episodes specifically, with the author saying that they thought that was enough to get a feel for it but not have any real answers for what the season would truly be like.
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  11. Agree with a lot of the complaints about the finale, but I enjoyed it. As the season went on, I became more invested in Hays' personal journey and his friendship with Roland. Seeing them reconnect, solve the case, and rekindle their friendship satisfied me. I do also like where the investigation story ends, even though we had to have some forced exposition to get there.
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    I think they'll usually get a portion of the episodes to screen in advance, if they get anything.

    Overall, I liked the finale. I didn't love it, but this season was worlds better than the second. The pacing could use a little work, as Pizzolatto left a ton of stuff for the finale after spinning his wheels for a couple of episodes. I get that he didn't want to reveal too much too soon, but maybe he could've struck a better balance in that regard. I do wish that there had been more information about Amelia's death, as it's obviously a huge part of Wayne's story, and that's ultimately what this season was about. Though, I suppose we could presume that it was omitted because Wayne's own recollection is hazy or missing entirely.
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    First impressions, minutes after finishing the finale, are it certainly isn’t as bad as half of you made me to believe. The one scene with Junius sharing his story was pretty poorly written, but I thought a lot of things worked for the finale. Specifically the moment Wayne arrives at you-know-who’s house and forgets everything. That moment actually sealed it for me, dunno if it didn’t work for some of you but I thought it was really beautiful in a way (she didnt want to be found/he gets to continue searching for what was his whole purpose in life)
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    Let it simmer a bit too, I really like the themes that were explored in this season, but ultimately ended up not being executed as well as it potentially could have. Overall worthwhile to watch.
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    Anyone that hasn’t seen Memories of Murder, it’s a better True Detective and streaming on Prime.
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    I never thought in 2019 I'd say "Stephen Dorff was one of the very best things about ___" but here we are.
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    Yeah I just finished the season and it was good but I definitely felt like it was building up to something that never really paid off. I hope they continue to make more seasons. Season 1 seems was the best in my opinion and I'd probably rank 2 and 3 around the same.
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    Season 1 > Season 3 >>> Season 2.
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    I liked Season 2 better tbh. I felt like Season 3 was basically Season 1 lite. The multiple timelines and the interviews with the journalist, the way they tried to make the viewer think some occult shit was going on for a while (with the dolls)... There's also no real antagonist (Hoyt and Harris could have played bigger roles) and, like everyone else said, no pay-off.

    I'm ready for this show to be cancelled.