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  1. Serenity Now

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    Funny how so many ppl were super worried about them being able to tie everything up in the last episode and despite them doing that it was a letdown.
  2. EASheartsVinyl


    Tying things up and doing so in a satisfying/well written/season validating way are two very different things. Ten minutes of exposition in an eight hour slog is ridiculous.

    Also someone on the subreddit compared the scene with Will and Julie in the woods to Scandalmakers and I can’t stop laughing.
  3. Dinosaurs Dish

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    Yeah, that exposition scene might as well had been that guy with a Powerpoint presentation and a laser pointer.

    "See? Will fell back and to the left. Back and to the left. Back and to the left."
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    Dewey is always so wise.
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  5. aoftbsten

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    There was a lot of "loose ends" that I never really wanted or need an answer to. Things like "how did Amelia die?", "why did her and Wayne finally split?", or "what happened with Rebecca?" didn't need to be explained. Given what we learned about Wayne throughout the series, you can understand why those relationships might have deteriorated.

    The entire case being explained in that one scene was a let down though. As the season progressed I felt the case was secondary to the characters and their arcs, so I was okay with it being the backdrop to the story instead of the focal point, but it still felt kind of lazy in the end. Wayne figuring out Julie was still alive, going to see her, and then forgetting (and likely remembering again, but choosing not to say anything) was great though. And I totally agree with what @Rowan5215 said about the final two scenes. That felt like great character work.

    Overall, I'm slightly let down by the finale but I enjoyed this season and would probably watch another one.
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  6. Dinosaurs Dish

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  7. Dinosaurs Dish

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    Was season two connected to season one in any way? Or to season three?

    Because them referencing Marty and Rust in season three really annoyed the shit out of me. It's so transparent and pandering that it's almost offensive.
  8. amorningofsleep

    Dear Ambellina....

    After this scene, I just turned to my roommate and went: "Five minutes? They summed the whole fucking thing up in five minutes??"
  9. amorningofsleep

    Dear Ambellina....

    I'm still sticking to the fact that Lucy Purcell saying "Soul of a whore" multiple times was the funniest fucking part of the season.
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  10. BirdPerson

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    Summed up in 5 minutes because it's True Detective not True Victim

    And Pizzolatto kinda sucks so

    I got what I wanted out of the finale but my God could this story have been told better. Gonna binge it one time to see how that feels
  11. Rowan5215

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    Liking a comment isn't always outright supporting a theory sometimes it's just... him liking a comment?

    And sure, the instagram shit is annoying but it seems like HBO made him cut some pretty important scenes for time so I'd probably want to explain what they were about too. Really frustrating that they gave him like two hours for the shitty finale of s2 but after a great season like this he couldn't get another ten minutes?
  12. Brother Beck

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    Where is it coming from that HBO made him cut stuff for time?
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  13. Rowan5215

    Can I measure your tree?

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  14. EASheartsVinyl


    Or he could have actually told the story in the EIGHT hours he had instead of poorly jamming it into the last episode?

    And he has been very vocal about which theories he agrees with/disagrees with. It goes along with his interactions for the rest of the season to assume he supports that idea. He has flatly said no to tons of people for much smaller theories. Even giving him the benefit of the doubt that he doesn’t literally mean it to be his last lucid moment, it follows his “bludgeon you over the head” style to believe it’s meant to show that he has completely “lost” himself in the end, rather than a major culmination of self-acceptance.
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  15. EASheartsVinyl


    Can anyone confirm how much they ripped off Gone Baby Gone? I’ve never liked Casey Affleck so I skipped it when it came out. It seems to be getting the most direct comparison so far. I guess there’s a fair amount of Shutter Island by the end of it too, depending on your interpretation.
  16. Brother Beck

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    Thanks. That was interesting to read that he had to cut stuff for time per HBO - I had assumed he kind of had free reign when it came to those things. Within reason, of course .
  17. dash64

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    Hopefully some of the stuff that was cut will be on the BluRay/DVD release.
  18. Cameron

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    So yeah I liked the finale. Super neat/tidy, but overall “happy”.

    Lot of needless frustration in here....
  19. kupe


    I liked it. Probably not a show or season I'd ever rewatch (never seen season 1 more than once) but it left me with some moments that I really really liked. Wayne knowing it was Julie but letting her and the case go was awesome. The last shot in the jungle was cool even if I don't know what it meant 100%. And I also liked Henry pocketing the address. I like when shows leave some loose ends.
  20. dadbolt

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    Everything with Wayne and Amelia was so beautifully well done too. Honestly my favorite part of the season. I thought it was cool to leave things on a more optimistic note as far as the Purcell case went.
  21. OotyPa


    I will say I haven’t seen the finale yet but my friends who have watched the finale surprisingly enjoyed it, coming in with the same reservations a lot of y’all had throughout the season. I haven’t seen much criticism elsewhere besides this thread tbh... but I admittedly haven’t looked too hard either bc I don’t want to spoil it.
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  22. EASheartsVinyl


    There’s a lot of well written stuff on the subreddit, but most of it is being kept to threads specifically about the issues because the criticism is getting downvoted elsewhere.
  23. Brother Beck

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    The only other adult human I have talked to since watching the finale is my wife, and she thought it was really, really bad. She was lukewarm on Season 3 as it went on, and had really not been liking the last few episodes. I started to get frustrated with the storytelling choices and witholding of weird information probably around episode 5, but I was still really enjoying the season overall.
  24. Dinosaurs Dish

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    Out of my two friends I’ve talked to, one said it was a let down and the other said he wasn’t a fan.
  25. stayillogical

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    What a mistaken. Gone Baby Gone is great. And Manchester by the Sea is phenomenal.
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