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Trey Pearson of Everyday Sunday Opens Up About Sexuality

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 2, 2016.

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    Trey Pearson of the Christian band Everyday Sunday has opened up about his sexuality with 614 Columbus:

    With me, Trey is not a rock star; he’s an articulate man in his early 30s, not only confronting his own sexuality and how it will affect his family, but also shedding part of a persona he’s been maintaining for almost two decades, on stage and off.

    This is not a normal story. Trey and I decided to tell this story together, for him to come out not just to his family and a handful of friends, but to the masses—where he could become a model and mentor for thousands in his musical flock still searching for acceptance and clarity within their faith.

    I made the mistake of reading the Facebook comments.

  2. Jake W

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    Ugh those comments are even worse than I imagined.
  3. Kizwiz


    The comments aren't exactly surprising.
  4. One day I am going to be surprised and it's going to be full of love, respect, and I'll be ready to use YouTube and Facebook again.
  5. GrandAce


    The comments are a special kind of awful. On one hand you have the Christians telling him he's going to hell and on the other you have the atheists using this as a platform to tell everyone that God isn't real, all without any concern for Trey.

    Good for him anyways, doing this is tough and I hope he finds happiness.
  6. cwhit

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    whoa shit i remember this band
  7. DarkHotline

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    This is why FB should give you the option to turn off comments.
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  8. Woohoo!


    I remember thinking it was so lame that they chose a name so similar to Taking Back Sunday. I knew people who got both bands confused too. It's funny to see that TBS actually started in 1999 when this band started in 1997 according to the article.
    My Youth Pastor gave me one of their CD's so that I would start listening to only Christian music. My Youth Pastor actually preached that it wasn't OK to listen to secular music. I felt mildly bad every time I laughed my ass off listening to The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show. I guess the joke's on my Youth Pastor now. Tried to get me to listen to a "sinful" gay man's music. This was obviously a difficult decision for this guy. Good for him.
  9. DarkHotline Jun 2, 2016
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    Not knocking people who are Christian by saying this but some of the most off putting people I've met in my life were Youth Pastors.
  10. Guys Named Todd

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    I used to attend youth group at my local church. There was this cool game room with an awesome stereo but the catch was we could only listen to "christian" music. The idea was the "secular" music wasn't glorifying to God and obviously Satan would corrupt our feeble brains if we heard a curse. They preached it like it was somehow saving us from the horrors of reality. I know realize it was kind of brainwashing. It's interesting to see someone else had the same experience of guilt when sneakily spinning some unholy tunes.
  11. transrebel59


    I mean, there's the option to just not read them. I can't remember the last time I actually read Facebook or Youtube comments.
  12. incognitojones

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    Bummer most Christians are as far from Christ like as possible.

    Good on this guy for being honest with himself, rough road ahead within that judge mental hateful community.
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  13. jorbjorb

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    yeah those comments are bad.
  14. DarkHotline

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    Well duh, but that's not the point. At this point, FB is such a toxic place nowadays to where that should be an option. YouTube let's you turn off comments, why not FB as well?
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  15. Lucas27


    My youth pastor I grew up under (and still work for) is arguably the greatest man I know. But I've been unbelievably blessed. Most other youth pastors I've run into try to be experts in behavioral modification instead of people who actually care for and love their kids unconditionally.

    Anyway, I feel for Trey. I probably have a very different opinion on this subject than the majority on this site, but I get it. Hope he finds peace. And for heaven's sake, I hope he doesn't read comments.
  16. stuckinvhs

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    Yeah not going near the comment section. Can't stand people using the Bible to shield their ignorance.
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  17. Contender

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    In my eighth grade year, my parents transferred me to a private Christian school. Like him, I wanted the so called "perfect Christian family". It wasn't until my junior year that I began to notice that I had an attraction to men. It was once I became friends with a guy a grade lower than myself, and I had a suspicion that he was gay too. Even with the discussions and other things with him, I tried and tried to make myself straight. I ended up learning to hate myself more and more with homosexuality being a topic in some classes. It wasn't until my sophomore of college that I finally accepted who I am.

    It's so odd that Trey Pearson of all people experienced the same thing I have. During my junior year, the year I began to notice gay tendencies, Everyday Sunday played at my school for a benefit show. This is a shock to me as I read his interview. If only I had someone to look up to who was out in the Christian world like he is now, and I wouldn't have actively hated my existence nearly as much. Even though I no longer share the same beliefs, I hope there's struggling LGBTQ children out there knowing there is someone else like them.

    When I came out a few years ago, I wrote something similar to this. I hope he's happy now.
  18. I loved this band growing up Christian. Didn't really stick with them after I left the faith - there were plenty of better, secular bands now available to my ears - but I'm proud of him taking a stand.
  19. notbrokejustbent


    At the one I was forced to grow up in, I got caught listening to Blink 182 and minutes later was being used as an example in a sermon. That wasn't the last time either. For the following years, Blink 182 was ALWAYS used in the sermons about music. Needless to say, I harbor an intense hatred for religion, having met some of the worst people I've ever met in a pew every Sunday.

    I know I sound like a cynical asshole but growing up in a cult damages you.
  20. ianzandi


    There's quite a few topics on the table here. I grew up in a very conservative Christian lifestyle and this band was one of my favorites. I grew out of them over the years creatively and maturely.

    Now I'm still a Christian, but fairly liberal. It's so sad to see so much hate going around. People can have their opinions and whatever, but let him live his life and be happy. I hope this opens the doors for more Christian artists to come out in the future (statistically, there has to be a whole lot more out there in this situation).
  21. transrebel59


    After a quick search, I can't find a Chrome extension to turn comments off. There are a few extensions that let you filter things but I'm not sure if there is an extension to turn them off.
  22. Guys Named Todd

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    Our church had similar instances except people were encouraged to "repent" themselves. Like if an unmarried couple was seen kissing in public or someone was at a restaurant ordering alcohol or something along those lines, they were expected to stand up in front of the congregation and apologize. It was really fucked up. Even when I was completely into my faith, it made me uncomfortable.
  23. jellyfishfossil


    The only One this guy needs to be accepted by is God and from the looks of it he has had that discussion and that's all that matters.

    Humans need to chill and, you know...worry about giving Christ like examples.
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  24. Lucas27


    Not to step up to the metaphorical pulpit, but if the Bible condemns homosexuality, it condemns self-righteousness a thousand times more. It was the "wise" religious leaders who Jesus condemned, and it was the "wise" religious leaders who plotted his death. And it was, in fact, the social outcasts that Jesus sought out and made his disciples.

    The stories in this thread (and a few others I've seen elsewhere) are despicable. I can't at this moment think of many things more shitty than men who condemn others and lead them in fear just to feed their own egos. And all in the name of Jesus? I've grown up in the South and thought I'd seen legalism before (and heard stories about churches nearby) but had no idea this kind of stuff was so common. My friends always thought I was sheltered growing up but now I guess I was sort of sheltered from being sheltered.
  25. Spencer Young

    Don't ask me why.

    This is so unbelievably important.