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Trent Reznor Talks With Revolver

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 24, 2019.

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    Trent Reznor talked with Revolver in a new interview:

    Speaking to his and Ross’ work for TV and film, Reznor revealed that the duo completed “an avant-garde score” for the Joe Wright–directed movie The Woman in the Window, starring Amy Adams and due to hit theaters in May 2020. But the film “underwent a transformation after some testing audiences,” according to Reznor, and so the two decided to “bow out.” “There’s no animosity on our end,” he added. “It’s frustrating when you did that much work and it’s gone. And we were proud — and they were proud — of the movie that it was.”

  2. Maverick


    Damn I did not know that, that’s a bummer. I take it we won’t be getting a release which would have been very interesting to hear Trent and Atticus’s take on avant-garde.
  3. somethingwitty


    Really hope those rumors are true of a Rage Against the Machine/NIN tour in the fall.