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Travis Barker Says New Blink-182 Coming This Year

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 6, 2021.

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    Travis Barker mentioned on Instagram that new Blink-182 music is due this year.


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  2. DooDooBird


    I can no longer get excited about new Blink 182. And I honestly never thought I’d feel that way.
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  3. fredwordsmith

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    NINE was great in the back half. More of that.
  4. AMC


    Why? last 2 albums were great.
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  5. DooDooBird


    I enjoyed California and its Deluxe edition quite a bit. Nine did absolutely nothing for me. Then they put out that boring Christmas song and that awful Quarantine track so I’ve decided I’m not excited about them anymore.
  6. SupMikecheck


    Ill always be excited for new Blink-182 music. And as always, New Blink is better than No Blink, with the digital age I learned to let go and just take in whatever drops
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  7. JackOnDrums


    NINE is one of the only albums I can say where the back half of it is much better than the first half.
  8. jorbjorb

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  9. JRGComedy

    Trusted Supporter

    Wait will this summer be 2 years since NINE already
  10. .K.

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    Nine is great by any name. Blink, +44, Alkaline Trio, an all star band or if it was debut from a bunch of unknowns.

    I get there are Tom loyalists. But you got AvA and back catalogue of Tom’s work with Blink to enjoy. If he had wanted to be there and allow Blink to be what they were they would still be Mark, Travis and Tom. You can tell the guys bent to his stylistic wishes and it just wasn’t meant to be anymore. We got what we got from that era which was long run. He, and they also had some other interests, so to do those or see those through they could be a thing anymore. After Neighbourhoods and DED I think it was obvious it was the right choice.

    Also, if interest in bands we like hung upon the quality of Christmas songs and tracks they did during a quarantine lots of bands would be in serious trouble. I think considering how good I Won’t Be Home For Christmas is, I don’t think any holiday track they release will top that.

    If you don’t like an album to each their own. They’ve put out a lot of records though, so to not have sting feelings for one isn’t uncommon. For me, I go back to Neighbourhoods as a whole and DED less than their other records and I don’t really listen to pre-Dude Ranch at all really. But if I like most of a bands discography I will always be curious to hear the new album.

    And there are still good songs on Neighbourhoods and DED, I just listen to my favourites way more off of them.
  11. CarpetElf

    point gawd Prestigious

    I'd bet you one million dollars if Nine was the debut from some unknown band it would not be popular and be terribly reviewed
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  12. Brent

    Destroy What You Create Prestigious

    I still have yet to listen to Nine, outside of the single(s). California wasn't very exciting... then I saw their last tour and we left early just not into it anymore.
  13. .K.

    Trusted Prestigious

    Good and popular at two different things sadly.

    Also, I don’t determine if I like things because a reviewer told me to or not.
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  14. 333 GANG


    Nine is an excellent record. A couple of the singles are bland, but the majority of it is really great.

    Quarantine track was fun, too.

    I’m excited for whatever comes next.
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  15. huntercrunch


    I can not imagine hearing Matt's performance on NINE and wishing Tom would come back to replace him.

    California was great. NINE was great. I love blink with Matt. Excited for more :thumbup:
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