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  1. ChiliTacos

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    That's a pretty random trip. I kid.

    I've been to SF numerous times so I could give you some recs there. Where are you staying? How long? Any cuisines in particular?
  2. personalmaps

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    Three separate trips for work, haha.

    I’m staying in a hotel near Union Square for week one of the SF trip and then I’ll be in an Airbnb and working in the Mission District.

    My life is terrible and I’m not supposed to have gluten, so any GF spots would be cool! I found a place near my Airbnb called Pica Pica that I’m excited to try! But sushi is my favorite food so any sushi recommendations would be amazing!
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  3. ChiliTacos

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    Okay I think I can help!

    Pretty much all I do is eat, so I'll stay in my lane and mostly stick to food options. As far as touristy stuff, Coit Tower (close to Union Square) is really cool and offers great views of the city. I also like The Exploratorium which is like a cool interactive science-y museum. I'd say a little more geared towards kids but it's a lot of fun, especially if you go with a friend (and even more especially if you're a little stoned, if you're into that sorta thing haha). And then for me personally I've always said that Fisherman's Wharf is pretty lame. The food kinda sucks and there's just not much to see and do. But I know a lot of people do like it and say it's essential SF, so I try not to be too pushy about people skipping it haha, just my opinion.

    Places near Union Square:
    plouf - Plouf - French place that specializes in seafood. Their oysters are soooooooo good. I recommend going during happy hour, which lasts all night if you eat at the bar.

    the house - The House - Asian fusion place, it's a little pricier but not like out of this world. I think the entrees are in the $20's. The Blue Lake Bean Tempura is one of my favorite appetizers ever. I didn't see anything on their website about GF options. It's also fairly tiny and I think reservations might be preferred.

    Golden Boy Pizza - Golden Boy Pizza - I didn't see anything about GF crust and honestly it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't offer it just based on the vibe. I included it anyways because it's just really damn good pizza. - Top of the Mark - I haven't eaten here, I think they may only do like small bites anyways. But it's on the 19th floor of a swanky hotel, you can go up there and get a $16 cocktail while enjoying amaaaazing views of the city. It's pretty dope.

    K.Minamoto Online Store: WAGASHI - K. Minamoto - This place sells Japanese deserts and sweets. It's a tad expensive but everything I've gotten has been incredible and it's super fun to try some of the different things.

    Near Mission District:
    Live Sushi - Live Sushi Bar - I was so glad when you said sushi is your fave, because it is also mine and I have just the spot haha. This is definitely a bit of a hole in the wall but oh my god it's my favorite sushi ever.

    Hopefully this helps or at least gives you some ideas!
  4. rocketsguy03


    Booked a solo trip to Iceland a few months ago and now I'm leaving in a month. Any recommendations from those who have been there would be appreciated. I plan to do a lot of the excursions offered by the hotel and might just wing it a lot of the time. This will be my first time traveling alone internationally... really it will be my first time traveling alone actually.
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  5. fastlife

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    I went to Iceland a few years ago. Everywhere is beautiful, but definitely try and check out the Snaefellsness peninsula if you get the chance. Fewer people, and so much to see.
  6. Garrett L.

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    So jealous. I kinda recommend not winging it and doing a solid prep if only because so much of the cool stuff is a decent drive from reykjavik (assuming your hotel is there).
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  7. rocketsguy03


    I am staying in Reykjavik. The website of the hotel initially had a bunch of things you could sign up to do directly through the hotel, but it looks like they took that page down. I initially wanted to avoid renting a car and just do the tours that are offered, but I'm having second thoughts since it seems weather conditions in September usually aren't too bad. Just a little bit nervous driving in a country I've never been and with limited smart phone use due to data cost I don't want to have to rely on my phone too much while navigating and finding things to do.
  8. Garrett L.

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    We rented a mobile hotspot that was like $9 a day for use in our car. Well worth it. I’m not sure of the company name at the moment, but you pick it up at the Dunkin’ Donuts in the airport lobby

    And I went in September and the roads were super fine. A bit windy at times, but we didn’t have any snow. Max speed limit on the whole island is really low because of the wind. Like 55, I think. It often felt like we could’ve driven much faster.

    There are a lot of bus tours out of Reykjavik, too. We weighed doing them vs renting a car and designing our own.
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  9. j0hnnyrt

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    I went a few years ago and drove Ring Road. It was really helpful to download google maps for offline use ahead of time! Your phone is somehow still able to know where you are and provide directions, even without data
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  10. personalmaps

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    I leave for Oxford TOMORROW and I am absolutely freaking out. It's so weird to be going on this trip by myself. I'll have colleagues to meet and hang out with once I'm there, but it's still going to be strange!!
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  11. Garrett L.

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    I leave for Italy on Wednesday and may go insane in the interim.
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  12. marissalg

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    I’m in Manhattan for work for 2 days this week, Chicago for riot fest next week, Portugal/Spain for vacation week after. Working 11 days this month I can’t wait.
  13. Garrett L.

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    This was my fifth trip to Italy and the increase in tourism is excruciatingly noticeable. Barcelona earlier this year felt the same way.
  14. summertimejesus

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    I'm finally working a job with great benefits and am looking into a solo trip to Dublin, Ireland! Any recs on spots to stay/vegan eats/transportation/things not to miss? I don't drive so I won't be able to rent a car and I also want to try heading over to Scotland to check out Glasgow and Edinburgh while I'm there.
  15. rocketsguy03 Oct 1, 2019
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    Wanted to show off a few of my favorite pictures I took a couple weeks ago in Iceland. I will try to do spoiler tags so it doesn't clutter up the page, because the picture are slightly big, but not sure if I'm doing it right.

    This was taken during a tour of Snaefellsnes Peninsula on my first day. The scenery from this spot was mindblowing every way you look.

    This was Skógafoss. A beautiful and tall water. Got drenched doing the obligatory arms up picture.

    Seljalandsfoss is a unique waterfall because you can walk from either side to get behind the waterfall. This picture is from underneath it.

    Blue Lagoon is a tourist trap I had to visit. It was amazing and relaxing, yet still probably a low point of the trip, because everything else in that country is even more amazing.

    Another lagoon, this one called The Secret Lagoon is very relaxing as well. Gotta take advantage of a bit of that geothermal energy when in Iceland.

    Gulfoss is the most famous waterfall in Iceland because of the many different angles of falls and the length.

    Me on some rocks created by volcanic activity on the aforementioned Snaefellsnes Peninsula tour.

    A glacier at the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon.

    And we'll end it with that pretty Icelandic sky!
  16. EddieDS


    anyone have food/sight recommendations in Vancouver, BC? going to be staying around yaletown for a weekend and looking for things to do that are easily accessible without a car. definitely trying to get dim sum
  17. j0hnnyrt

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    Check out the new David Chang show on Netflix - first episode takes place in Vancouver with Seth Rogen
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  18. EddieDS


    perfect! thanks!
  19. Sasidhar Vankina


    Going to Milan, Italy this upcoming January for my college study abroad. Hoping to travel around Europe a lot and maybe hit up some other places that are close by as well. Any recommendations of spots I should for sure visit?
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  20. Garrett L.

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    Barcelona, Prague, Budapest outside of Italy. Venice, Cinque Terre, and Florence inside of it.
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  21. theagentcoma

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    thinking of going to San Francisco for my honeymoon. Maybe see the Redwoods. I've only visited once, for literally half a day. Any ideas for places to see?
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  22. waking season

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    I’ve never been but congratulations!! I’d also love to see the Redwoods, I need to make it out west one of these days.
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  23. marissalg

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    Thinking about going to Montreal this year since it’s not a bad drive. Does anyone have any recommendations for where to stay? I’m going with my friend and we both like good food and fun bars.
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  24. Ken

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    I'm considering this too. Please let me know if you go and what you do/how you like it/etc
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  25. Sal Paradise

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    My cousin is getting married in Galveston in November. My wife and I are thinking about taking a couple extra days and driving to either San Antonio or Austin. Does anyone have recommendations on A.) which city they prefer and b.) fun places to go/ things to see?
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