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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by muttley, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. fastlife

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    That’s so awesome. Where ya visiting?

    Travelled solo for the first time last year and it was the best. Loved having no schedule and just doing whatever I felt like doing that day.
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  2. Garrett L.

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    Barcelona. I wanted to go somewhere I’d already been to get my sea legs, if ya will.

    I booked little things here and there, but left most of the trip up to the whim. Walked for an hour along the beach today just because I could.
  3. waking season

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    I love traveling solo. It can definitely get lonely at times but I love being able to just wander and see the things I want to see. Enjoy your trip!
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  4. popdisaster00

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    I'm going to Paris for a week this fall and I need to book a hotel. Anyone have any recommendations? I don't even know where to start.
  5. Fronnyfron

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    We stayed at Le Regent Montmartre and enjoyed it. Very short walk to a metro station, an easy walk to the major train hubs, and away from the most congested areas. Paris is pretty massive so no matter where you stay it will be impossible to see everything in a week.
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  6. St. Nate Jul 11, 2019
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    St. Nate

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    Doing a little 4 day weekend trip with my gf starting tomorrow.

    Flying into Phoenix then going up to the Grand Canyon. On the way we got a list of things to check out like Fossil Creek, Red Rock, Devil's Bridge, Slide Rock, then the Ariana Grande Canyon itself.

    Anyone have any other ideas or tips while I'm there?
  7. Ken

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    Sedona and Flagstaff are really cool towns. I haven't been out to Ariana in over a decade, so my knowledge of that area is a little rusty. Scottsdale/Phoenix has arguably the best pizza in the country if you're into that sort of thing.
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  8. ncarrab


    Anyone ever go to Postcard Inn On The Beach in St. Pete Florida?

    My wife and I just booked a 4-day stay for September.
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  9. Ken

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  10. ncarrab


    Is that where that movie was filmed? haha
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  11. Ken

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    I don't know about the hotel haha, but St. Pete, yes.
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  12. K0ta

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    I have a concert in Silver Springs, MD tomorrow and then I am heading down to NC the next day. I feel like I should travel at least past DC so I don't have to deal with that on Saturday morning and then get a hotel somewhere in Virginia. Anybody with advice on this/suggestions for a place?
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  13. Ken

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    I've stayed at a really cool Marriott in National Harbor, on the southside of DC. Good walkability with places to drink and eat.
    AC Hotel National Harbor Washington, DC Area

    If you want to go much further, Fredericksburg or Richmond would be good places to stop in VA.

    DC itself is a really cool city to stay in, with so much to do, but I don't blame you for wanting to get past that traffic.
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  14. K0ta

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    I'd love to check DC out but I have to be at another concert in NC that night so I don't have time to make a day of it. Thank you for the suggestions, I will look into those cities!
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  15. GrantCloud

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    How is Sedona? My high school friend and his fiancé are getting married down there in September, so I might be venturing down for a weekend then. Thing is he literally just told me a week and a half ago. So I am still pricing out expenses to see if I can afford it
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  16. Ken

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    Sedona is absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous, really. A lot of great hiking. A cool small town, good restaurants and some breweries too. Plus Phoenix and Flagstaff aren't that far away, which are worth checking out as well.
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  17. K0ta

    wrap yourself in petals for armor.

    My friend showed me pictures from her trip there last year and I was totally floored, it really looks stunning.
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  18. Your Milkshake

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    so arizona has the best pizza in the states? Ive never heard that. which places?
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  19. Ken

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    Haha I did say arguably. Pizzeria Bianco is the main one. Pizzeria Bianco — BIANCO

    Lamp and Pomo are really good.

    I've heard good things about Cibo, Spinato's, Forno, and Craft 64.

    There's some Chicago & NY transplants too like Lou Malnati's and Grimaldi's.

    It really is an outstanding pizza scene.
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  20. Ken

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  21. GrantCloud

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    Yeah we would fly into Phoenix, and rent a car. Tickets aren’t too expensive it seems from here so definitely considering it.
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  22. Your Milkshake

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  23. Ken

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    do it!

    do it!
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  24. Garrett L.

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    In 53 days I’ll finally be back in Italy
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  25. personalmaps

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    If anyone has recommendations for places to eat or sights to see in any of these places, I’d love to hear them! Would also love to meet any Chorus ppl.

    - Oxford, UK
    - San Francisco
    - Santa Clara