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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by muttley, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. Dog with a Blog

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    Probably gonna dip once I post this cause seeing people traveling makes me depressed but I can't wait to be done with school in May so I can start making some proper traveling plans. I honestly just plan to wander for awhile once I'm done.
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  2. fastlife

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    I’m back in Norway right now using the rest of my vacation days. It’s been drizzly and gray the entire time so far, but even so, this place is unreasonably beautiful. Love it here.
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  3. Garrett L.

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    Planning a trip to Italy trying to balance five peoples’ wishlists and the very first critique given were to remove the two things I specifically wanted to do on the trip...that I’m planning to show the other four around where I lived for nine months. Smh.
  4. Lex

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    Ugh, the more people traveling together, the harder it is to please anyone, ALWAYS. If you live nearby couldn't you just do those 2 things another time though? (Or maybe I'm missing something?)
  5. Garrett L.

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    I no longer live in Italy, sadly.
  6. Lex

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    Ah, gotcha. Hopefully they come around to your ideas and realize it'll be really special to let you relive some of your memories there.
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  7. Garrett L.

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    Obviously you could spend a year in NYC and still not see everything, but what’s the minimum length a trip should be?
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  8. Ferrari333SP

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    I would say at least a week, to ensure you don't rush to see all the things. Having the subway go nearly everywhere helps you travel quickly, but still; depending on how many things you want to see and do, I'd say at least a week.
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  9. Fucking Dustin

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    1 hour minimum if you're using a meter
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  10. Garrett L.

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    I was afraid of this answer, haha.

    if this is a reference i’m not captain America right now
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  11. Ken

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    You could have a great time spending just one night there, but I'd say at least 2. Then again, I live 3 hours away by car, so my situation is a bit different from yours.
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  12. disambigujason

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    I think it really depends on what you wanna do; there are a lot of “must see’s” that...aren’t. I usually go to NYC in short bursts and see what I can in free time, so if you have a mindset of what you wanna see you can have a great time in just a few days.
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  13. Garrett L.

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    My plans have abruptly changed since asking that question I’m now there from mid-morning on the 4th until mid-day on the 6th in May. Catching a flight to Barcelona the night of the 6th.
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  14. Garrett L.

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    My main reason in going is to go to the Tolkien exhibit at the Morgan and to go to the MoMA.
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  15. jorbjorb


    does this look ok? more time in rome?
    Friday - Aug 2nd - leave 4:35 PM

    Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport YWG

    Saturday Aug 3rd - Arrive Milan 12PM (sleep in Milan)

    Sunday Aug 4th - To Lake Como 1hr 27min (sleep in varenna)

    Monday Aug 5th - Lake Como (sleep in varenna)

    Tuesday Aug 6th - To Venice 4.5hrs (sleep in Venice)

    Wednesday Aug 7th - Venice (sleep in Venice)

    Thursday Aug 8th - To the Cinque Terre 5hrs (sleep in Vernazza)

    Friday Aug 9th - Cinque Terre (sleep in Vernazza)

    Saturday Aug 10th - To Florence via Pisa 3hrs 30 mins(sleep in Florence)

    Sunday Aug 11th - Florence (sleep in Florence)

    Monday - Aug 12th - Florence, late to Siena 2hrs 30 mins(sleep in Siena)

    Tuesday - Aug 13th - Siena (sleep in Siena)

    Wednesday - Aug 14th - To Sorrento via Naples 6hrs (sleep in Sorrento)

    Thursday - Aug 15th - Capri via boat(sleep in Sorrento)

    Friday - Aug 16th - Amalfi Coast 1hr 40mins 1 way (sleep in Sorrento)

    Saturday - Aug 17th - Morning to Rome via Pompeii 2hrs 30 mins(sleep in Rome)

    Sunday - Aug 18th - Leave 1:40 PM

    Leonardo da Vinci International Airport FCO

    Arrive 8:43pm Winnipeg
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  16. Garrett L.

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    This is a loaded trip. You’re gonna be traveling A LOT. Not a bad thing, just prepare to do a lot of rushed sightseeing. Are you doing trains or driving?

    That in mind, I’d reduce a day in Florence for Rome. Which pains me because Florence is downright incredible, but you just can’t do Rome in half a day. Two days minimum and even then you miss a ton.
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  17. jorbjorb


    We're doing trains. Shoot I really want to see everything. Should I cut some stuff out of here?
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  18. Garrett L.

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    I think you could streamline it a bit. Like you’re going through Florence to get to Cinque Terre to double back to Florence. You can wedge in more sightseeing by going Florence—day trip to Siena while sleeping in Florence—quick stop in Pisa—Cinque Terre then catch a train from La Spezia to Rome and then onto Naples. See Pompeii, then continue on to Sorrento. Like tack on single site moments on your longer travel days.

    You can see a ton in 16 days. You’re seeing a lot of stuff I’ve never seen on this current itinerary. I’m taking my Mom for ten days in september and would gladly send you to see how I’m planning it to show her the “greatest hits.”
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  19. jorbjorb


    Please send me that when you get the chance. I got the original idea for this itinerary here Italy Itinerary: Where to Go in Italy by Rick Steves .
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  20. Garrett L.

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    I thought your itinerary was really familiar. Rick Steves is amazing and really does offer some sound advice and give good planning, but he doesn't really allow time to breathe in a place. It's always go, go, go. Which is fine and I've done some places in Europe like that--such as seeing Paris in under 12 hours, etcs. So really it's about what you want out of the trip.

    I'm about to message you my itinerary for my trip this year.
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  21. Garrett L.

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    Embracing this for my Barcelona trip. I’ve booked two things and otherwise it’s 8 days of wandering. I spent an afternoon wandering Barcelona seven years ago and stumbled upon a Dali drawing exhibit I’ll never forget. Now to do that for a week.
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  22. DickyCullz

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    Going to Hawaii on Thursday for five nights and the only thing I know I’m doing is Volcano National Park and Kona brewery (as hotel is directly opposite)

    Gonna be great
  23. PeacefulOrca

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    Has anyone been to Cuba and has any recommendations? Especially for food, seems like most of it is pretty bland out there and you have to be in the know to find the good stuff
  24. Ken

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    which island(s) are you going to?
  25. DickyCullz

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    Big island, or Kona, or Hawai’i

    Different names for the same thing? But the biggest one :D

    I would go to Honolulu and see State Champs play but cant justify paying the cost of the hopper plane for them
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