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Transformers (Film Series) Movie • Page 3

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Henry, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. airik625

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  2. Zilla

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    Holy shit. That's real!?
  3. airik625

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    Afraid so.
  4. Nyquist

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  5. Serh

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    Already forgot all about the Homecoming one
  6. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    Why so serious
  7. Nice recap for anyone like me who doesn't want to slog through the first 4 but still wants to watch this new one for some reason.

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  8. Dirty Sanchez

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    Uproxx: 4/10

    Transformers: The Last Knight is like staring at a projected kaleidoscope for two and a half hours and then trying to tell someone about the plot.

    Mark Reviews Movies: 0.5/4
    At the end, Transformers: The Last Knight promises yet another sequel ... At least it'll take a lot of effort for the follow-up to be worse than this.

    Newsday: 0.5/4
    The movie redlines its engines throughout, but none of it works -- and at 149 minutes, it feels nearly a full hour too long.

    The Playlist: D-
    An incoherent mess with a plot so convoluted its impaired story points to signs of narrative brain damage.

    Slant Magazine: 0.5/4
    The sensory overload of Michael Bay's hyperkinetic cinema is such that it eradicates any actual sense of place.

    Boston Globe: 1/4
    The rock 'em sock 'em finale of Last Knight finally comes after over two hours...and it features, once again, the threat of Earth's complete destruction. If it means they'll stop making Transformer movies, I'm starting to think that's not such a bad deal.

    Minneapolis Star Tribune: 3.5/4
    The kind of dramatic structure James Cameron used in his masterful Terminator films is an unknown language to Bay. But he knows how to rev, whir, snap and destroy like an ace.

    Detroit News: D
    Transformers: The Last Knight is a punishing, pummeling experience.

    Toronto Sun: 1/5
    Transformers: The Last Knight is an incomprehensible pile of scrap. Luckily, there's an upside -- you'll forget every single stupid frame of this thing the moment you walk out of the theatre.

    Chicago Tribune: 1.5/4
    Of course it's not good.

    Forbes: 3/10
    It tones down the insanity and the spectacle but leaves little of value in its place.
  9. airik625

    we've seen the shadow of the axe before Prestigious

    Minneapolis Star Tribune haha
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  10. Davjs


    Only reviews I read
  11. jkauf

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    I hate all of these movies, but oddly enough enjoyed one of the trailers for this for some reason -- even though I knew it'd be crap.
  12. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    I still can't believe Mark Wahlberg calls a Latinx tween J-Lo in this
  13. musicandlyrics

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    There's something wrong with the review on Rotten Tomatoes as they only gave a 13% review. How come they create an early criticism when in fact the film is just about to be seen on the big screen. Oh well, I will still watch this movie with my brother.
  14. I love how the trailer say last chapter even though they have plans for literally 25 more.
  15. Zilla

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    I saw it and can confirm it sucks shit. It's amazing how convoluted Michael Bay and company can make what could be a fun, corny action movie.

    The most tense part was when a trailer for "An Incovenient Sequel" came up (I live in a red state) and I worried someone would yell at the screen.

    Also, pretty sure Anthony Hopkins just walked on to the set straight from "Westworld" and improvised all his lines.
  16. thedrudo

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    Our new Alamo Drafthouse has its soft opening this week and I'm going tonight to see this. What a choice for my first time.
  17. CoffeeEyes17

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    i constantly tell myself that i wont see these movies after the first one burned me so hard, but they always get me back into the seats to watch. i dont have high expectations for this at all but i just feel like i HAVE to see any new TF movies at this point.

    im a huge transformers fan, I have very very clear memories of seeing the original 1986 film as well as the tv show, having the toys, and waiting on baited breath for the next incarnations. naturally the first Bay movie hurt, it cut deep and the only pleasure i derived from it was A. hearing some of the old voice actors and B. hearing the fucking awesome transforming sound in a theater. Aside from that the films are absolute nightmares, taking what should be simple pieces of the Transformers mythology (sparks, energon, cybertron, the war, etc) and making them so fucking complicated and uninteresting that its almost impressive. the designs themselves are also awful, i cant really tell what any of the transformers actually look like and while i do appreciate how Bay has been trying to streamline their designs they all still look like sharp, jagged messes of metal. AoE cut the deepest because of how they wasted the dinobots (you cant just NOT USE GRIMLOCK HES THE BEST) and i dont understand why Bay keeps making/producing these when hes said before he doesnt like this franchise and he only seems them as toys (granted so did Orson Wells who did the voice of Unicron in the movie, as well as many other original voice actors, but still they arent in charge of making the shows/film).

    i didnt realize we had a TF Bay film series thread so hi everyone its me Ken just thought id ramble a little to start the day.

    for the love of fucking god i hope they dont make a Beast Wars film series
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  18. They do an awesome series of pint glasses for big releases. Not sure if Transformers will have one, but the Rogue One glass is my fave.

  19. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  20. this is the best

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  21. and their follow-up

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  22. Davjs


    Fell for it again and I loved it.
  23. danielalee12


    what exactly is supposed to happen in the movie? I just watched AOE again yesterday. Are they continuing on with Galvatron (Megatron) coming back and taking over the world again? Or did they pivot to something completely different?
  24. This only pulled in $69.1 million over its first five days. $196 million foreign. Has a long way to go before it makes back its production/marketing costs.
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