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Track List: October – Falling Leaves

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 9, 2019.

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    Welcome back to Track List, your monthly dose of 30 songs aimed to match the time of year, sequenced into a playlist for you to vibe out to however you see fit. Hopefully some names will be familiar, and hopefully some will give you a new discography to dive into. Drop me a line with some of your seasonal favorites and check back every month for a new playlist.

    You can find the playlist on Spotify and Apple Music, and read more about the selections below.

    Falling Leaves

    Pulse check — we’re all in agreement that October is the best month, right? Like, it’s 2019, I feel like it’s time to just acknowledge that and move on with our lives. Alright, well, regardless of whether or not you just high-fived the screen in front of you or started side eyeing it, there’s no denying that the autumnal experience is officially in full effect. The air is crisp and full of spiced scents, and horror themed marathons are well under way — except Scream 3. Never Scream 3.
    Lots of Halloween Cake Wars though, definitely if you’re me. And as the foliage plays catch up with a few over eager wardrobe color palette changes, my music listening habits tend to soften from the energy of months prior. Smooth vocals, clean guitars, and interspersed hints of that mild late night indie folk twang to pair with a favorite seasonal beverage. Things kick off with a bit of the leftover September playlist vibes with Sun June and Hovvdy, before making way for modern day classics from Julia Jacklin and Clairo. And I’ll admit — a fair amount of shoegazey tunes usually make their way into my October, but I chose to ramp things down instead with a slew of quiet hum-alongs from the likes of Rosie Carney, Petal, and Jose González. Don’t worry holiday party goers — next month will be making a small pivot from this month’s cool down trajectory. Take a stroll under the falling leaves with this playlist and come back next month for a new fix.

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    Long Beard :heart::heart::heart:
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    Definitely too many people sleeping on that record!! Quality tunes, definitely in contention for my personal top 10 this year.
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    Clairo is so great. Been listening to her a lot.
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