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    Man the only thing I caught was the soda pop cap from Up
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    Did Pixar or anyone ever confirm that was her? Because the one from 3 is definitely not the same as 4. TS4 Boo looks a lot younger, and more like she did in M,Inc. I think she might have even been in the same outfit.
  3. Blimp City Hero

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    I don't think they ever did. They just love the enjoyment of people finding easter eggs without confirming them.
  4. Sean Murphy

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    just saw this and absolutely loved it - actual tears of laughter during all key and peele scenes.
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  5. imthesheriff

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    Key and Peele wanting to attack the lady for the key was gold all 3 times.
  6. wisdomfordebris

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    The K&P scene during the credits was hilarious too.
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  7. CobraKidJon

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    even though i knew it kept happening I still was laughing a bunch
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    He's trash
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  11. :anguish:

  12. David87

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    This was nice. It felt very different from the other 3 for me, I don’t know why. Key and Peele were hilarious.

    I thought the ending was very rushed. Yeah maybe it would have been cheap and cliche to drag out the goodbyes and make me cry a lot but Woody being separated from the gang and not having long goodbyes with Rex or Ham or Slink bothers me a bit.
  13. David87

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    Also felt so bad for the dude that just wanted a high five. Glad I stuck around after the credits
  14. David87

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    Oh also the most underrated line from this is definitely “the panic is attacking me!”
  15. Matt

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    Definitely need to see this again because I don't remember a lot of it

    we showed up to the drive-in theater an hour and a half early by mistake and started drinking so I was a few beers deep by the time this actually started. i'm a monster
  16. Rowan5215

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    I fucking loved this, it was superb
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  17. Greg

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    Finally saw this... it was fine? I dunno. Woody leaving was so set up so early that it just didn’t hold much weight for me when it finally happened. That, combined with him barely interacting with all of his friends just kind of cheapened the farewell for me. Woody has always been the main toy, but everyone else felt important. This was a Woody movie with some light support from the normal crew.

    I dunno. I guess it just didn’t really work for me overall. Did enjoy most of the Key and Peele stuff. Keanu was fun. Glad Gabby had a happy ending.
  18. Rob Hughes

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    Never knew the background behind TS2, this was so intriguing yet frightening to watch
  19. Deanna

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    Running this poll out of curiosity. I think the first one is still my favorite, but I've enjoyed all of them a ton.
  20. popdisaster00

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    I haven't watched Toy Story 2 since it came out, but right now I feel like 4 was my least favorite. It was good but it didn't touch 3 (or 1, obviously) for me.
  21. ComedownMachine

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    I liked 4 a good amount when I saw it in theaters but I kinda forgot it existed until this thread was bumped
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  22. Gnarly Charlie

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    I enjoyed this. The magic of the older films in the series is still there but sometimes it also felt pointless? It also seemed like a lot of the characters hardly interacted. I don’t know. It’s good but was there a need for another after 3? Pixar has no trouble writing great original films.
  23. disambigujason

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    Rewatched this last night and it was just as good as I remembered on first viewing. Easily the funniest of the series and I think it’s messaging is just as good, if not better, than some of the others. Can definitely see it becoming my second favorite after 1.
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  24. RyanPm40

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    Still haven't seen this and I can't believe it still doesn't seem available for renting yet. I only see options to buy for $19.99
  25. oncenowagain

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    Check again on Tuesday
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