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Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by Melody Bot, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. ADayToFall

    "Are you buried alive?"

    You know, this actually made me think. Is the post-Warped Tour world gonna start making these bands do their own tours since there isn't really a home for those bands on a major touring festival at this moment?
  2. estacey99

    A-B-C: Always Be Lifting!

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  3. Localman


    Here's hoping for an ADTR Homesick 10-year tour
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  4. SaveTheEarth

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  5. swboyd

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    While I'm not excited for this tour per se, I am excited for the potential of the new venue this is coming to in VA Beach especially since Shaka's is closing down at the end of this year.
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  6. EASheartsVinyl


    It is??
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  7. ryanfears


    Is Trophy Eyes headlining?
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  8. swboyd

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    Apparently, the management team is exploring some other ventures but nothing has been announced yet.
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  9. EASheartsVinyl


    Wow, that sucks. Losing this and Strange Matter in the same month is really rough.
  10. ccsc918

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    So ready for ADTR to begin touring again
  11. MegT585

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    Holy fuck.
  12. Localman


    One of my friends said Movements, Boston Manor, & Trophy Eyes but I'm not sure about the legitimacy. Seems plausible, though.
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  13. ryanfears


    Oh my god. Is there a fourth band? Trash Boat would be sick.
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  14. emlantzy


    Movements is on a different spring tour, Boston Manor is doing their own headliner
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  15. Localman


    Any timeline on dates/announcements? Idk if I'll be living in Baltimore or Philly next year lol
  16. ccsc918

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    Mat Kerekes dates popping up
  17. emlantzy


    Mat Kerekes/Jetty Bones Tour Dates

    FEB 28 Lakewood, OH

    MAR 01 Pontiac, MI
    Pike Room

    MAR 02 Toronto, Canada
    Hard Luck Bar

    MAR 03 Buffalo, NY
    Buffalo's Mohawk Place

    MAR 05 Cambridge, MA
    The Sinclair

    MAR 06 New York, NY
    Mercury Lounge

    MAR 07 Philadelphia, PA
    Everybody Hits Philadelphia

    MAR 08 Washington, DC
    Songbyrd Record Cafe and Music House

    MAR 09 Carrboro, NC
    Cat's Cradle

    MAR 10 Atlanta, GA
    The Masquerade

    MAR 12 Orlando, FL
    Soundbar Orlando

    MAR 13 Tampa, FL

    MAR 19 Phoenix, AZ
    The Rebel Lounge

    MAR 20 San Diego, CA
    House of Blues San Diego - Voodoo Room

    MAR 21 Los Angeles, CA
    The Echo

    MAR 22 SF, CA
    Bottom of the Hill

    MAR 25 Salt Lake City, UT
    Kilby Court

    MAR 26 Denver, CO
    Larimer Lounge

    MAR 28 St. Louis, MO
    Off Broadway

    MAR 29 Chicago, IL
    Beat Kitchen
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  18. emlantzy


    No idea, all I know is Movements in the spring and I think BM is in the late spring/summer
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  19. OneWing


    Was pretty positive that Movements/Boston Manor/Trash Boat was happening but things could have changed.
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  20. sam_might_say

    Hi, Friend

    I thought a Movements/Knocked Loose Tour was happening in the spring. Or was that just a rumor?
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  21. emlantzy


    That's the tour I was talking about, a few people have mentioned it to me recently
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  22. ADayToFall

    "Are you buried alive?"

    Hold the fucking phone, this implies it might actually be happening.

    Friendship really does wonders, I'm hyped if this becomes a bigger reality.
  23. rbarlyo

    wawa defender

    by the russos!
  24. rbarlyo

    wawa defender

    where'd you hear about this one?

    It's chaos. Be kind. Prestigious

    BUKU, a festival in March in New Orleans got announced.

    Dashboard Confessional and Mayday Parade are both playing, and they're the only two bands that are similar to each other on the entire lineup. Spring tour maybe?
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