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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by skurt, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. Leftandleaving

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    Was just listening to ISB today, wondering when we'd get the follow up. This is so good. Here for this
  2. amorningofsleep

    Dear Ambellina....

  3. Just pre ordered the transparent orange. The new song carries a weight after finding out it's about Jeremy's mother.
  4. what


    Also jumped on that preorder, have a feeling this record is going to be special
  5. dead_fm


    Got the deluxe I just saw the euro variant and I want that.....
  6. dead_fm


  7. Horrorca


    got my tix for this one today! :D

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  8. DrawYourMind

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    This new song is great. Props to them.
  9. Kennedy Prestigious

    new song is the best thing ive maybe ever heard from them
  10. Drew Beringer

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  11. Matt Chylak

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    This "Displacement" song is wrecking me.

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  12. EngineDown

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    Really not here for his Berninger impression on "Skyscraper" but fuck are the guitars pretty
  13. Horrorca


    immense track

    this is going to be a glorious record
  14. Cody

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    See ya there pal!
  15. johnnyferris

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    Been playing the three songs over and over the past hour. I truly feel that this will be their best album to date.
  16. johnnyferris

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    Got $10 for Pomona because I work for AEG. So stoked to see them play!
  17. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  18. EngineDown

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    this is really cool, seeing jeremy with a guitar is tripping me out though haha
  19. johnnyferris

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    Recently found out that Jeremy was going to play guitar in Taken before that band broke up.
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  20. CoffeeEyes17

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    It's such a simple little moment, but when Jeremy says "I hope you never leave me be" it absolutely breaks me every single time
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  21. btr


    "We are excited to show you our new website with a super detailed discography page full of images, information, and even trivia for each release. We’ve also kept the live archive of every show we’ve ever played. We hope you enjoy!"

    This is really, really cool. T O U C H E A M O R E – STAGE FOUR – New record available now.
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  22. smowashere


    ^ That is seriously awesome.

    More bands should do this kind of extensive site!
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  23. crunchprank Prestigious

    Not sure if this has been posted - possibly in the album thread, but this is so adorable. I need to watch the rest of these videos.

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  25. Ken

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    I never grow tired of that song.
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