Toothbrush protocol

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Do you rinse your toothbrush before or after toothpaste is on?

  1. I rinse the brush off before toothpaste goes on.

  2. I put toothpaste on then wet it before brushing.

  3. I wet the brush first, then put on toothpaste, then wet it again before brushing.

  1. ForestOfAllusion

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    I need to know I am not the only one that wets the brush before and after toothpaste is on.
  2. Ken

    Ken Supporter

    Anyone who only wets their tootbrush AFTER putting toothpaste on it is a savage.
  3. ChaseTx

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    I... don't really know. I don't think about the process. I definitely wet it after the toothpaste is on, but I may or may not rinse it beforehand too. I think I do.
  4. Only before. I don't see a reason for a second rinse.
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  5. PepsiOne

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    Initial rinse is all that is necessary.
  6. chris

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    toothpaste first then add water, always have forever so I guess I'm a fucking monster
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  7. White

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    Forgo brush, squeeze out toothpaste directly into mouth, then add water, proceed to swish.
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  8. Jason Tolpin


    ..... and more importantly:

    Do you use a cup to swish water, or just put your head under the faucet, like a cat?
  9. ChaseTx

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    Why would I waste a cup on that
  10. Jason Tolpin


    Germs on the faucet. What if someone pooped, because they do.... and touch the faucet with their hands, underneath....
  11. PandaBear!

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    The answer is toothpaste first, then wet it. If you're cleaning the toothbrush properly after each "usage", then what is the reason for wetting it before putting the toothpaste on?
  12. MrSwetz

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    You're so incorrect. The other 80% of the people here are incorrect too and they're not even commenting, hiding behind a poll. You wet it to help create the foam and bubbles, and to help bind the paste to the brush, obv. If you wet it after applying paste, you run the risk of the faucet strength knocking the toothpaste off the brush.
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  13. ForestOfAllusion

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    I personally think not rinsing before putting toothpaste on is how you put germs right into your mouth. Think about it, in the bathroom your stationary toothbrush is getting plastered with particles shot up by the toilet, grime from the shower, and the like. The least you can do is give it a good once over.
  14. Jacob

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    Ya I'm fairly certain rinsing before won't eliminate any appreciable amount of germs from your brush compared to rinsing after. I guess if you're a clutz and rinsing before actually helps bind the paste then go for it. Remember not to keep your toothbrush out in the open on the sink cuz mythbusters showed poop particles will get on it. :)
  15. Ben

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    i'm a savage
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  16. muttley

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    Wet, toothpaste, brush teeth, thorough rinse.
  17. Kiana

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    ur water pressure must be lit

    I switch back and forth. Sometimes I rinse it before, sometimes after. I don't rinse my mouth out afterwards tho. I just spit cause once someone told me you're not supposed to rinse your mouth after and I was like "ok" and stopped.
  18. MrSwetz

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    Def above average pressure in my home. Showers are like massages.

    Gonna research that not rinsing thing