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Tom Teases the Idea of Boxcar Racer

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 10, 2017.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. bmir14


    Mark and Travis would be pretty sweet
  3. honkytonk

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    This would be cool. I wonder what Mark thinks. To me it's always seemed like the Blink beef has been mostly caused by tension between Mark and Tom.
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  4. tobytobes


    I was going to make the same joke, so I'll add...

    "Hey, he should have Mark play bass on a song again since Travis played drums anyway, and they can put out another 'Blink182'-esque song. But only one guitar would sound thin probably, so maybe he should have a 2nd guitarist guest on the track. Maybe someone from another pop punk band from their era...Matt Skiba maybe? I haven't heard anything out of Alka3 recently.
  5. Joseph Pepe


    This seems really odd when everything with the new formation of Blink has been going so well. I obviously don't know Mark personally but I can't imagine it feeling too great.
  6. jorbjorb

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    Travis reply to the tweet is great lol. Why is Tom such a troll? haha
  7. I can't even imagine Tom trying to write BCR songs now. Imagine him singing "I Feel So" with his current pitch-corrected, faux hopeful arena voice. Yikes.

    That being said, I'm a hypocritical idiot and would totally hype this.
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  8. Jake Z


    While I'm sure nothing will come of this, I would love another BCR record.
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  9. SkyGrowsBigger


    Someone should compile all the band guys that replied to this tweet. Damn.
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  10. Chinesefood


    Ben Barlow: "I'll pay you to let me do it"
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  11. [removed]

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    There is zero chance this is anything more than Tom wanting attention.
  12. slimfenix182


    Can't even complete an acoustic version of WDNTW by himself, great odds of reforming BCR lol.
  13. bptky

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    I'd actually prefer a new BCR record over him ousting Matt and rejoining Blink, I feel like he's burned too many bridges there.
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  14. Dirty Sanchez

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    Tom's not going to do anything musically that requires effort, so neither scenario will happen.
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  15. Crisp X

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    Tom Delonge : the master of the "tell, don't show" mantra
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  16. youngplanetary


    Travis is all "mom, come on, he's such a dork," and his mom's all "oh Travis stop, just be nice to the boy he doesn't have any friends"
  17. kidinthebushes


    Travis would be an idiot to do BCR right now. But this is just Tom's cry for attention.
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  18. gbuffers


    The only person I'd like to HEAR on a new BCR record (Tom aside obviously) is Jordan Pundik, because in 15 years I've still never heard him once on the first record.

    I feel like Travis is probably cringing at the tweets but I'd love for them to put something out.
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  19. Bartek T.

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    You can hear him, but the notes he sings there are not so distinguishable for him, therefore it could as well be somebody else while it's not really anything characteristic.
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  20. caseyaylward


    Did Travis reply? I didn't see anything.
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  21. jorbjorb

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  22. CyberInferno

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    But he didn't reply to the actual Boxcar Racer post, did he?
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