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Tom Still Contends He Never Quit Blink-182

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 21, 2016.

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    Tom has posted on Facebook that he never quit Blink-182 and recently talked with Travis about “recording and touring.” He then mentioned some stuff about a “serious project that has far reaching National Security implications.”

    I finally heard the full album a few days ago and it’s the best thing Blink’s done in a decade. Long live Blink-182 with Matt Skiba.

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  2. efp722


    Ha. K tom.
  3. I Am Mick

    @gravebug Prestigious

    Wish Blink would break up again just to stop constant non-news updates about them
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  4. Dirty Sanchez

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  5. Anticitizen7

    Please be kind. Like actually kind though.

    I honestly like most of Tom's output in some capacity. Like those ep's were cool, nothing I'd go back to unless I was on an AVA kick or something. That said, Tom is crazy, and for some strange, strange reason I have to doubt the legitimacy of his claims.
  6. Chuck!


    I'm looking forward to Travis confirming that this isn't true
  7. Anticitizen7

    Please be kind. Like actually kind though.

    Plot twist: Travis confirms that this is actually true, and both Mark and Travis see this super eye opening documentary early and support that Tom Delonge is, in fact, the alien King, the link to the stars!
  8. Shenevercalled


    I'd be down for another heavy Box Car Racer album, if that were possible. Just keep away from Blink and the constant stagnation he brought to the group
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  9. Eric Wilson

    Trusted Prestigious

    Good to hear about the album being some of their best work in quite a while. Getting so close to the release.
  10. Rico Suave


    Two members of Blink-182 were seen having lunch today at Del Taco. Which members were they and, more importantly, what exactly did they order?

    Come back tomorrow as we spill the pun intended
  11. Anticitizen7

    Please be kind. Like actually kind though.

    $1 Chipotle chicken rollers? They're delicious!
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  12. amorningofsleep

    Lord rid me of my word vomit

    Love live Matt Skiba.
  13. clockwise

    can’t be arsed Prestigious

    Hope they can patch things up and reunite.
  14. jordanjohnson09


    long live blink 182 with whoever the hell the singers are.
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  15. LosManosFuertes

    Love This Place

    Does Tom even still have a significant following? Not being a dick, just asking haha.
  16. OhTheWater

    Let it run Supporter

    he confirmed they regularly talk in the magazine interview posted in the blink thread, so
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  17. shogunTORTOISE


    What a delusional twat.
  18. smoke4thecaper

    out of context reference Supporter

    Ooooh yeah. And they're all on the blink subreddit and Facebook comment sections.
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  19. Chuck!


    "So" the fuck what? The original Facebook post mentioned recording and touring. There's absolutely no way that's in the cards, the idea is ludicrous. They're about to embark on a huge tour and release a hyped album with Matt, and they've been vocal about how he's a breath of fresh air.
  20. Larry David

    I'll see you again in 25 years Prestigious

    If the recording and touring was for a second BCR record I'd love that
  21. Eric


    Saying California is the best thing they've done in a decade is literally just saying it's better than their last full length. For any other band, that statement would mean a lot more. Just seems like a weird thing to say
  22. Ben Lee

    I drink coffee and dad my kids Supporter

    He's coming back. Guarantee it. I said it in the blink thread, but I'll say it again: I cringe at the idea of him coming back, but if blink doesn't call it after this album, he's coming back.
  23. red8ge


    heavily in favor of freezing tom delonge for about five years
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  24. Chuck!


    Wouldn't surprise me at all, but it sure as hell won't be anytime soon
  25. hoodrat


    So is saying it's the best thing Blink has done in a decade another way of saying "it's better than Neighborhoods but don't get your hopes up?"