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Tom DeLonge Talks With Rolling Stone, Says He’s Still in Blink-182

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 27, 2016.

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    Tom DeLonge has given a new interview with Rolling Stone about aliens, UFOs, and stuff like that. You’d think that would be the strangest part of the interview. It’s not. When discussing Blink-182, Tom says (emphasis added):

    “I love those guys,” he continues, “The only thing I think about is, I want them to be happy. [But] I don’t want the legacy of the band to get fucked with. I do care about that. I don’t want an incredible legacy to be ruined.” Still, he says, he’s not closing the door on playing with them again. “I’m not opposed to it. I still would be interested, if people would just pick up the phone and call.” (Confusingly, DeLonge gets in touch with Rolling Stone a few weeks later saying, “I am currently in the band.” He maintains that he has never officially quit or been fired.)

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  2. skurt

    Sleekest of beaks. So Good.

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  3. evanmeindl


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  4. carlosonthedrums

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    I once met Bryan Mantia after a Primus show, so technically I'm the drummer for Guns N' Roses.
  5. Ferrari333SP

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    Nothing really surprising
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  6. heymattrick

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    I still want to know why the arrow-less logo disappeared from the artwork suddenly!
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  7. beachdude

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    Oh boy... something tells me the legal drama isn't over...
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  8. Kristen


    Man I used to love Tom but it's exhausting to listen to him at this point. I wish he would just quietly do his books and ava stuff or whatever else he is doing.
  9. Ben Lee

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    I wonder if he's on the new record?? Elevator Pt.II
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  10. red8ge


  11. [removed]

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    could be the longest running Nathan For You skit going
  12. Tim McCall


    I know it is none of business as fans to know everything, but I am tired of the vague fighting.
  13. HelloThisIsDog


    Tom you crazy.
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  14. sdnyjns

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    Oh Tom...
  15. fran.182

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    Well, as long he doesn't stop the other guys from releasing new music, touring and everything related, I really don't care. Let him be "in"...
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  16. cricketandclover

    Things have changed.

    Tom's a bit of a loon, but it seems like he's currently quite happy in life. Don't see how people can knock him for that.
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  17. scott.gillies2


    Tom. Is. Still. In.
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  18. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

    He's doing this on purpose, nobody is this oblivious
  19. caseyaylward


    Jesus Christ. Just when I'm legitimately coming around to Tom being out for good and doing his other business is actually a good thing, he comes back around with this insanity. This roll out is going to be messy. I'm now worried about the opposite of what this article suggests. That being, the new album will be real, real good but it might never get a chance to live within the Blink Eco-system. I loved neighborhoods but I don't think anything is going to tarnish or save this bands legacy. They have three distinct eras. Start-->Scott leaving. Enema-->Untitled. Reunion--> present. They've already staked their place in people hearts and lives, I don't really see anything they do as changing that.
  20. devenstonow


    QFT. And when it comes down to it, as much as I love Mark, their musical output can't even be compared.
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  21. mattylikesfilms


    He still doesn't get the hint after everything? I'm sure he's still legally in the band on paper and gets paid royalties for their shows but come on..

    The guys have moved on and the only person who has fucked with the legacy is you Thomas..
  22. tomtom94


    Does he look like he wants to be there?
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  23. zeketheplmbr

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    Crazy person says what?
  24. jorbjorb

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    He's still in guys. He was busy with the government and national defense.
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  25. btr

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    I mean, nothing official was actually ever published or announced saying he wasn't...
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